Dinner at Tao Yuan

Marie Ann or Tisay as we call her treated our big group for her birthday at Tao Yuan. We’ve all heard a lot about Tao Yuan so even if it was far it was go, go, go! Tao Yuan
We went there on a week night and there wasn’t an empty seat in the two-story restaurant.
Tao Yuan

absolut mango
absolutely happy

Several blogs have lauded this as the best Hainanese chicken in Manila. It was indeed good but not the best for me. I liked the one at Century seafood better. Choi Garden also has pretty good Hainanese chicken and their chicken rice is to die for.
Hainanese chicken
Hainanese chicken P880/ whole P438/half

sauces for Hainanese chicken
sauces for Hainanese chicken

The cereal prawns was one of their bestsellers but I didn’t like it at all. It was sooooo greasy and the cereal didn’t really add anything to the prawns except oil. I prefer the prawns with salted egg from Gloria Maris much more.
cereal prawns
cereal prawns P150/pc

The soup was very, very tasty. It was clear and light.
dried scallop & fresh mushroom soup
dried scallop & fresh mushroom soup P780

Tao Yuan special seafood fried rice
Tao Yuan special seafood fried rice P480/medium

My favorite dish of the night was this huge fried lapu lapu topped with shredded mangoes, onions and red pepper. It was an unusual combination that just worked. The fish was fried to a crisp and the sweet mangoes were a delightful contrast to it.
mango lapu lapu
mango lapu lapu P1,500

fried noodles w/ assorted seafood
fried noodles w/ assorted seafood P480/medium

Everyone loved the chili crab except for me, Pat and Cherry who had very low tolerance to heat. And yes it was very spicy!
chili crab
chili crab P2,240

I did eat the mantou or fried Chinese bun dipped in a little chili crab sauce. Mmmm.

There was exactly one lychee allocated per person. But you can have as much of the soup as you want.
almond lychee dessert
almond lychee dessert

k group
the incomplete k group

Thanks to Tisay for the great food and Absolut Mango. Thanks to everyone for the good time. Until the next celebration. 

Tao Yuan Restaurant
508-512 General Malvar Street

corner A. Mabini Street, 
Malate, Manila
telephone: 552-7009, 552-7010 or 526-8858

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