Pal food on economy Mla-Hkg-Mla

Pal food economy
I’ve written about how good the food was on Philippine Airlines (PAL) over and over again. But that was on business class so maybe I was biased. Last Holy Week we took the last flight on economy and I wanted to prove once and for all if the food was also good behind the curtains.

There was no printed menu, no fancy silverware and only a choice of chicken adobo or sweet and sour fish. I was pleasantly surprised to see dessert was from Bizu, one of my favorite cake shops.

I picked the safer choice, chicken adobo.  The adobo made with coconut milk so it was very, very flavorful. I loved it! The rice was a bit hard though.
chicken adobo

The dessert was bread pudding with raisins. It wasn’t my favorite but it was quite edible.
bread pudding from Bizu
bread pudding
bread pudding

On the trip back to Manila the food was again chicken. This time chicken afritada or boneless chicken cooked with tomato sauce and spices. Again it was quite good and satisfying. Dessert was banana cake which was much better than the bread pudding. It was very moist and yummy.
chicken afritada

chicken afritada
chicken afritada

There I’ve proven it. Food on Pal on any class is good!

3 thoughts on “Pal food on economy Mla-Hkg-Mla

  1. i have never been dissapointed with pal economy food  🙂   and i love that even for people in economy, a full meal complete with bread, butter, fruit, dessert, and drinks is given.  last time i rode with my daughter, they even served her a special kiddie meal and gave it way ahead of the other fliers.i don’t mind having to pay for food on cebu pacific, but really, they should do something about their outrageous prices.  P100 for a plain old turnover? P50 for a teeny tiny cup of noodles??


  2. I guess suerte is a better term or should I say, ‘palaging suerte’ in your cases. I HATE everything about PAL. The last time I boarded this plane (economy lang ang kaya ko), a lot of the passengers were left with no choice for the dinner. The Bicol Express was the one served and it had no taste, the rice was undercooked and the bread was very cold. The service was awful, too. One time, my mom asked for non-fat milk but was told it was never available. She asked for water instead but was made to wait for 20 minutes.Their breakfast was beyond awful. The egg was cold and burnt on the sides pero malabnaw sa loob. Tapos, the ham was like an object for a science experiment kasi malamig din at mukhang luma. I am not picky on food pero their food was the worst I ever had sa mga nasakyan ko na airlines.I wanted to not say anything pero I think your readers should also know that this is not always the case. I will NEVER patronize PAL ever!!!! I will also spread to my friends what they did to me. Not just about the food but the service in general. (Les, you know what I am talking about) I have never been this livid in my life sa isang airline. Grrr…


  3. I hate PAL food. Though I have to admit that it has improved a bit from previous years (maybe they finally thought it a necessity or people might just stop riding PAL at all with all the problems they have), I personally think Cathay has WAY better food, and WAY better service, especially if we’re talking business class. It’s always fresh, plus breads are served warm and smelling like they just came out of the oven. They usually only serve sandwiches on economy class if it’s a short flight but even that sandwich is way better than PAL’s full meals, hands down. 


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