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Hamilo Coast-1

Even though I don’t have a unit at Hamilo Coast nor am I a member I’ve been lucky to have seen the progress of it’s construction. The first time we went there in 2008 there was only the beach and some tents. Last year there was the addition of a pool and a club house near the beach. For pictures click here.  This year we were all blown away by how much has been added. It’s truly beautiful and a wonderful vacation spot in Nasugbu, Batangas which is just a few hours drive from Manila.

Instead of the beach, this year we went to the brand new country club.
Hamilo Coast-2

To go to the beach they have these electric cars to ferry you back and forth.
Hamilo Coast-3

Hamilo Coast-4

There are several residential clusters still under construction.
Hamilo Coast-5

Hamilo Coast-6

The focal point of the country club was this gorgeous swimming pool.
Hamilo Coast swimming pool

Hamilo Coast swimming pool-1

Hamilo Coast swimming pool-3

Hamilo Coast swimming pool-2

Hamilo Coast swimming pool-6

Infinity pool
Hamilo Coast swimming pool-4

Jacuzzi anyone?
Hamilo Coast swimming pool-5

Hamilo Coast swimming pool-7

The ladies dressing room was even air-conditioned!
dressing room-1

dressing room

There’s a big play area for the younger kids.
kids play area

The older kids will surely flock to the billiards area.

They also had bowling lanes. They even serve snacks here.

There’s really something to do for everybody.
game room & KTV-1
pic by Peter Gaw

game room & KTV

For the sports minded there were badminton, basketball and squash courts.
badminton courts

basketball court
pic by Peter Gaw

squash court
pic by Peter Gaw

And of course the highlight of the day was the super duper delicious lunch buffet. And I’m not just saying that because it was free. They really make good food there. Everyone’s favorite were these trio of spreads – garlic cheese, tinapa and chicken liver spreads.
assorted dips
assorted dips

native salads
native salads



grilled squid
grilled squid




Filipino desserts
Filipino desserts

fresh fruit

These were the sweetest langka ever! I must have eaten a kilo of it.
langka or jackfruit
langka or jackfruit

I can’t wait to see what else is new next year. Well I hope I still get invited next year. I do wish we could have toured the residences. Maybe next year?

I am in no way connected to Hamilo Coast. If you want to buy a unit or get more information please contact the numbers below.

Hamilo Coast
SM Investments Corporation
10th Floor, One E-Com Center Sunset Drive,
Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, 1300
Sales office number: +632 858 0333
Showroom numbers: +632 819 1673 and +632 819 1675
Mobile: +63917 842 6456
US Toll Free: +18669788020 and +18669787650

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