We walk, we eat – Tartine Bakery & Cafe

Tartine Bakery Gougère

We’re are almost at the end of the “we walk, we eat” restaurant walking tour. Tartine was my one and only request from Ariel. I’ve read about it in several forums. I’ve seen it featured in several food tv shows. They all said it’s the one place visitors should not miss when in San Francisco.

Surprisingly Ariel and Kit haven’t been to Tartine before so it was a first for all of us. When we left Salt House I was already so full. I figured the walk to Tartine would help me digest my food in preparation for dessert. I just didn’t know it was 3 miles away!
we walk we eat route

Salt House was around 1st street and Tartine was on 18th corner Guerrero. We walked and walked til my feet almost gave up on me.
Directions 3

When we arrived we weren’t even sure where Tartine was since the place didn’t have any sign. I figured it was the place with a line out the door and I was right.
Tartine Bakery

This printed sign stuck on the door told us we were at the right spot.
Tartine Bakery-1

The whole dining area was full but luckily the line for take-out was moving along quickly.
Tartine Bakery-2

The only problem asides from my aching feet was I was still full and I wanted to buy everything I saw.
Tartine Bakery-3

I wanted to buy their morning buns because I read that was the bestseller and true enough it was already sold out. The quiches looked so tempting too.
Tartine Bakery-4

Tartine Bakery-5

I wanted to buy dessert but I ended up buying savory pastries instead. My first purchase was this giant gougère made with gruyere cheese and herbs. Gougère is a savory choux pastry the same as a cream puff’s pastry. I took a bite and it was freaking fantastic! It was crisp, light, cheesy and peppery. Alas a bite was all I could handle. I kept the rest and ate it that night. It wasn’t crisp anymore but it was still good.
Tartine Bakery Gougère
gougère $3.50

I wanted to try something I’ve never tried before and the cake aux olives was it. The description was “savory bread with white wine, black olives, smoked ham, gruyère, cheese and fresh herbs“. It was another winner! The bread was very moist and reminded me of bread pudding but not quite. The olives, ham and cheese were just perfect for this rich slice of heaven. 
Tartine Bakery Cake aux Olives
cake aux olives $4.75

Kit bought this yummy eclair and we had a bite. The Valrhona chocolate topping, the vanilla bean cream filling, the soft pastry were all to die for. It was a far cry from the eclairs I’ve tried in Manila.
Tartine Bakery eclair

Kit also bought this lemon cream tart but I wasn’t able to try it.
Tartine Bakery lemon cream tart
lemon cream tart

The dog wouldn’t stop looking at us hoping for some crumbs to fall. No way dog, we’re not sharing!
Tartine Bakery-9

On my last day San Francisco we went back to Tartine and I bought some almond croissants which I brought to Virginia and had it for breakfast there. It was huge, buttery and filled with delicious almond paste.

The next time I go back to San Francisco I want to eat in Tartine and try out their food in the cafe. The pastries weren’t cheap but they were all worth it. Truly excellent quality.

There’s still one last place we went to which was just across the street. Come back tomorrow for the last installment in my “we walk, we eat” saga.
Tartine Frangipane croissant
frangipane croissant $4.25

Tartine Bakery and Cafe
600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
telephone: (415)487-2600

2 thoughts on “We walk, we eat – Tartine Bakery & Cafe

  1. ayayay! everything looks so good, especially that chocolate eclair! you can even see specks of vanilla bean in the filling! you MUST try the almond croissant at Le Salon de Robuchon when you go to hk. it’s soooooooooo gooooooooood!!! 


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