We walk, we eat – Salt House

crispy shrimp w: green bean, almonds, serrano ham
If you have been following my “we walk, we eat” series,  Ariel, Kit and I started our 1 day food journey in San Francisco at Bocadillos and then walked a bit to Anchor and Hope for delicious oysters.

After that we walked a short distance to Salt House which together with Anchor and Hope and Town Hall are owned by same group of successful restaurateurs.
Salt House

Salt House-2

Salt House-1

Just like Anchor and Hope, Salt House uses a fun bottle for serving water. Here they used old fashioned milk bottles.
Salt House-3

They also serve the same bread from Acme Bread Company. If only my hotel had a toaster in the room I would have brought this bread home. It was no good eating it cold.
Acme epi bread
Acme Bread Company’s plain epi bread

Even though we didn’t eat much at the two previous restaurants I was already very full when we arrived. Kit ordered an appetizer for us to share.

This salad was simply wonderful.  The dressing was so creamy and spicy but not hot. The server told us the dressing was made of roasted red pepper, paprika and harisa spice. I’ve never eaten anything like it before.  The shrimp was very fresh, soft and crunchy.
crispy shrimp w/ green bean, almonds, serrano ham
crispy shrimp w/ green bean, almonds, serrano ham $15

Salt House menu
Salt House’s lunch menu

Salt House menu-1

After Salt House we walked to our final destination 3 miles away (letter E on the map below)!!! Of course I didn’t know it then. I was just eager to walk off the fullness in my tummy. I was also excited to reach our destination which was my only request while I was in San Francisco.
Directions 3

Salt House
545 Mission St
San Francisco, California 94105
Telephone: (415) 543-8900

3 thoughts on “We walk, we eat – Salt House

  1. ooohhh, your only request? must be something very special. can’t wait for the next post! 🙂  that salad dressing looks bursting with flavor! 


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