Best Buns Bread Company

Best Buns Bread Company
After brunch at Carlyle we went to Best Buns Bread Company next door. I had to see the place where all the wonderful bread we ate at Carlyle and Coastal Flats came from.

When we opened the door we were assaulted with the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread and all kinds of sweet breads.
Best Buns Bread Company-1

They also sold sandwiches.
Best Buns Bread Company-2

Best Buns Bread Company-3

Even though I was so full from brunch I still managed to buy some goodies for take-out. I bought bacon cheddar and orange currant scones for our breakfast the next day. They were good but not the best I’ve tried. I did love their chocolate espresso chew cookies! They were really chewy and chocolatey.
Best Buns Bread Company-4

Best Buns Bread Company-5

Best Buns Bread Company-6

Best Buns Bread Co.
4010 Campbell Avenue
Arlington, VA 22206
telephone: (703) 578-1500

Artisan breads, sinful sweets, homemade sandwiches and salads located next to Carlyle in the Village at Shirlington. Best Buns bakes the bread for all Great American Restaurants.

Sunday. . . 7:30am-6pm
Monday. . . 6:00am-5pm
Tuesday – Thursday. . . 6:00am-7pm
Friday. . . 6:00am- 8pm
Saturday. . . 7am-8 pm

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