Lunch at Waffle House

Texas cheesesteak melt
My wonderful cousins granted my wish to go to New York. Even though it was only for a weekend and way to short it was good enough for me.

Halfway through our 4 hour drive from DC to New York we decided to eat lunch. I realized that the hardest thing on a road trip was deciding where to stop and eat. It’s always a confusing discussion with a lot u turns. My only request was no fast food joints that we have in Manila.

Since Sha was the one driving and making all the u turns she finally made the executive decision to eat at Waffle House. It was a restaurant we’ve seen all over the US but none of us have ever tried it.
Waffle House-1

Waffle House-2

Waffle House-3

Check out the low prices on the menu.
Waffle House menu

Waffle House menu-1

Sha and I split the cheesesteak sandwich and biscuits and gravy.
The food was surprisingly edible! What I liked most was the normal sized servings. No over sized, over stuffed, over priced food here.
Texas cheesesteak melt
Texas cheesesteak melt $4.10

The biscuits were just ok and not as good as the one at Bob Evans. The gravy was quite yummy though.
biscuits and gravy
biscuits and gravy $3

La and her daughter Erin shared a cheesesteak omelet. No one ordered waffles!
cheesesteak omelet
cheesesteak omelet $5.85

3 meals, 4 drinks for $20! What a deal. Now I know I can stop at Waffle House on my next road trip.
Waffle House-9

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