Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle 阿升麵線

flour rice noodle-3
When I went to Crumbs in Mongkok I noticed a stall right next to it that sold all sorts of Taiwanese food. It reminded me of my recent trip to Taipei so I checked it out.

Ay Sheng

They sold popular Taiwanese snacks like fried chicken cutlets, minced pork on rice and cuttlefish balls.
2 ay sheng

Their most popular item is the pig intestine flour-rice noodle which I didn’t try because I don’t eat pig intestine and the flour-rice noodles soup looked like our misua which I don’t like either. Yes call me weird.
flour rice noodle

flour rice noodle-2

flour rice noodle-3
pig intestine flour-rice noodle HK$14 Small

I did try their  caramel pudding milk tea.
caramel pudding milk tea

I liked the texture of the caramel milk pudding. It reminded me of leche flan but less sweet. The milk tea wasn’t very strong though. It was just ok as a whole.
caramel pudding milk tea-1
caramel pudding milk tea HK$14

I also bought the plum powdered sweet potato fries for my lunch. I remembered how good the sweet potato fries were in Raohe Market in Taipei and I hoped that these would be as good.
plum powdered sweet potato

These fries were very crisp, sweet and sprinkled with lots of black pepper and plum powder. The combination of the sweet, tart plum powder with the spicy black pepper and sweet potatoes were amazing! So many  contrasting flavors yet it all came together for a yummy snack.
plum powdered sweet potato-1
plum powdered sweet potato HK$10 (small)

plum powdered sweet potato-2

While taking pictures I saw the fried mushrooms on the menu and had to order it too. Golden and button mushrooms were lightly coated with batter, fried to a crisp and spiced with salt and pepper.
salted crispy mushrooms

Greasy and sooooo delicious!!
salted crispy mushrooms-1

I love fried food but I can’t stand the grease so I always blot the oil to death. I do this to pizza, fried chicken and even dim sum. 🙂
salted crispy mushrooms-3

My fried lunch!
salted crispy mushrooms-2

I love going to Mongkok for all sorts of bargains, computer stuff, sneakers and all kinds of street food specially on busy Bute Street. So if you’re feeling adventurous try to visit this area and get a feel of local Hong Kong.
Bute St. Mongkok

Next to Ay-Sheng is another food stall. Look at the lady telling me not to take pictures.
Bute St. Mongkok-1

Bute St. Mongkok-2

Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle Menu
Ay Sheng Menu

Ay Sheng Menu-1
click to enlarge
Ay Sheng Menu-2

Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle
60A Bute Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
telephone: +852-3755-0132

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