New Year’s Eve Dinner 2010

Prawns Thermidor
Every December 31 all my cousins on my father’s side come to our house to celebrate.

 Every year I cook and order some food and desserts on the side. This year I decided to give myself and my staff a break and decided to have dinner catered by Classic Chef owned by a dear friend of the family, Cecille Chuachiaco.

Since we didn’t need plates, glasses or service we decided to pick up the food from the caterer ourselves. The problem was they were 1 1/2 hours late in releasing the food. By the time the food arrived in our house all my cousins were already there and waiting. Well that was very stressful for me indeed. Thankfully all the food were in chafing dishes and nicely arranged already.

Other than that everyone enjoyed the delicious food. The crowd favorites were the Caesar salad, prawns thermidor, tenderloin steak and ham loin. And of course the 3 desserts which I forgot to take pictures of – Warm Apple Pie, Mango Crepe with Chocolate Sauce and Triple Chocolate Cake.
Caesars Salad
Caesar Salad

The only thing I made was my special roasted garlic Parmesan mashed potatoes which everyone loved. So they said.
garlic parmesan mashed potatoes
garlic Parmesan mashed potatoes

Arroz a la Paella
Arroz a la Paella

Fookien Misua
Fookien Misua

Prawns Thermidor
Prawns Thermidor

For such a huge piece of baked salmon it was incredibly tender and moist. I loved the nutty, lemony filling.
Baked Salmon with Lemon Almond Stuffing
Baked Salmon with Lemon Almond Stuffing

Roast Beef Tenderloin
Roast Beef Tenderloin

The homemade ham wasn’t as salty as store bought ham. It was so good my cousins took it all home!
Ham Loin
Ham Loin

These pictures are for my other cousins in Taipei, Singapore and New York who couldn’t make it home. We miss you guys! Hope to see you next year. (Some cousins and an aunt went home early so I wasn’t able to take their picture)
New Year's Eve 2010-2
Lim family

New Year's Eve 2010
Tan family

New Year's Eve 2010-1
Baby Bree with my doggie Chino

New Year's Eve 2010-3
Ty family

New Year's Eve 2010-4
The Chengs
New Year's Eve 2010-6

Classic Chef Catering
161 D. Tuazon Street,
Quezon City, Philippines
telephone: +632-731-2286, +63917-526-5217

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Dinner 2010

  1. Happy New Year Leslie!Read your blog all the time and i have to say your photos make me HUNGRY!!!See you in Unimart 🙂


  2. Leslie, thank you for the posting.  Looking at the pictures is a trip down memory lane. And the food looks delicious  Gutom na ako!  Regards to everuyone.


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