Last July 2010 I went to the USA for an extended vacation. After more than 4 weeks of shopping and eating in Virginia and DC it was time for a break. I went to Newseum, a museum dedicated to news and journalism.

The night before I did some research on their web site and found an excellent 2 hour highlights tour (download link) that showed me how to maximize my visit to Newseum.



I followed the guide and started at the concourse level. There were so many, many fascinating things to see in Newseum and these were just some of the ones that really caught my interest.

Actual sections of the Berlin wall were displayed.
Newseum-Berlin Wall

Newseum-Berlin Wall 1
8 sections of the original wall

Newseum-Berlin Wall 2
back of the walls

Newseum-Berlin Wall 3
3 story East German guard tower


I took the huge glass elevator to level 6 to get the best view of the U.S. Capitol and the National Mall.
Newseum's huge elevator
world’s largest hydraulic elevator

U.S. Capitol
U.S. Capitol

Pennsylvania Avenue Terrace


On this level front pages from newspapers around the world were displayed. For the Philippines there was the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Manila Standard Today.
front pages for the day
front pages for Aug. 3, 2010

Next I walked down one level to the News History Gallery.

News History Gallery

Important headlines through the decades were archived and presented here. There were also short films throughout the museum. 
old newspapers

There was a special Elvis exhibit when I was there.
Elvis! at Newseum

Elvis! at Newseum

The receipt of the wedding ring Elvis bought for Priscilla was on display as well as his American Express credit card.
Elvis Presley's ring receipt

The saddest exhibit was at Level 4 at the 911 gallery. Looking at all the pictures, newspaper headlines, films and remains brought tears to my eyes.

This was a piece of the antenna above the north tower of the World Trade Center.

The camera, lenses and press passes of a journalist who was killed was recovered.

Level 3 – World News
Tim Russert's office

truck used by Time photographers

Back at the concourse level was the actual cabin of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.
unabomber's cabin

unabomber's cabin 2

I finished Newseum in about 3 hours. After that I took a leisurely 14 block walk to meet my cousins for lunch. The blocks weren’t even in a straight path. I had to cross several long blocks. I didn’t mind though since the sights were very interesting. And yes I did some window shopping too.
Pennsylvania Ave.

I just kept walking along Pennsylvania Ave. and followed the Google map I saved on my phone. I was surprised to see a part closed to vehicles.
Pennsylvania Ave.-1

Still walking aimlessly when I came upon this.
Pennsylvania Ave.-2

Hmm it looked familiar.
White House

It’s the White House! Silly me I didn’t even know I was going to pass the White House. It was a good bonus on my long walk since I’ve never had a photo opp there in all the times that I’ve been to DC.
White House-2

It didn’t look as big as on TV.
White House-1

555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
telephone: 888/NEWSEUM (888/639-7386)

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