Oishi Wafu & Strip Fries

Oishi Wafu
I love Oishi’s products. I’ve featured their gourmet picks potato chips and Sponge, Plunge and Pillows.

I’m not connected in anyway to Oishi except that my cousin Kevin works there. He always gives me the heads up on their new products so I can order and sell it in my store, Small Office Solutions.

Last week Kevin sent me samples of Wafu and Strip Fries and since I loved them both I wanted to share them with all of you.

Wafu is sold in boxes with 20 sticks inside.
Oishi Wafu-1
Wafu cheese

The best way to describe Wafu is think of a thick, crunchy sweet barquillos with a thin layer of not so salty cheese inside. These sticks are curiously addicting. The sweet and salty flavor really satisfies my cravings. The biggest problem is stopping. I can easily eat 2, 3, 4, 5 sticks in one sitting. And that’s bad!
Oishi Wafu-2

The other flavor of Wafu is leche flan. It’s ok but I like the cheese better. The leche flan is just sweet but not too sweet.
Oishi Wafu-3

If you like Piknik shoestring potatoes you will love Strip Fries even more. These fries taste more “potatoe-y” and the flavors are mild. 
Oishi Strip Fries

Strip Fries come in sea salt, mesquite barbecue and sour cream & onion flavors. All are good but my favorite is the sour cream. It comes in 120g cans and 60g pouches.
Oishi Strip Fries-1

Oishi Strip Fries-2

Oishi Strip Fries-3

I saw them in Unimart this afternoon. It’s located in the same aisle as Dirty potato chips and Red Rock potato chips.
Oishi Strip Fries in Unimart
Strip Fries in can P65.50 and in pouch P25.50

3 thoughts on “Oishi Wafu & Strip Fries

  1. i prefer the cheese flavor than leche flan. Like you, I have no problem finishing all 3-6 sticks in one sitting, it’s just plain delicious!


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