Who is Mikey Bustos?

The first time I heard of Mikey Bustos was through his video which spread like wildfire through Facebook. Today another of his videos showed up on my Facebook wall and it made me laugh giving me a break from all the heartbreaking videos I’ve been watching on CNN about Japan’s sad tragedy.

I knew Mikey was a very funny Filipino-Canadian but what surprised me was that he’s also a very good singer. He even placed 7th on Canadian Idol season one. Check out his new album.

Let me share with you the videos that made me smile. If you’re Filipino you will definitely agree with these videos. If you’re not Filipino then watch these to get an insight on us Filipinos. 😀

This is the first video that I saw. It’s about the Filipino accent.

This is the video that made me decide to make an entry about Mikey Bustos. It’s about how Filipinos eat with spoon and fork instead of the usual fork and knife. It’s funny but true.

exponential naks ;p

For more of Mikey’s videos click here. I think somebody should bring Mikey Bustos to Manila for some shows.

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