Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
The only good thing about my birthday dinner at Cantinetta last September was dessert after at Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt.

Before I even tried Golden Spoon I already heard from some friends that it didn’t taste like yogurt, it wasn’t tart, etc. When I tried it I loved it! For me it was like eating really good, creamy guilt-free soft ice cream rather than frozen yogurt. I really can’t believe it’s fat free.
Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt-1

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt-2

Every time I go to Golden Spoon I try several flavors but there’s only one flavor for me. It’s Belgian chocolate. I love the real chocolate flavor which satisfies my desire for something sweet, cold, chocolate and not fattening. The last time I was on a diet a kiddie cup of Belgian chocolate was my guilty pleasure.
Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt-3

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt-4

They have a lot of regular and guilt free toppings but I always eat my Belgian chocolate froyo plain. That buttered pecan topping looks so sinful and decadent.
Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt-5

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt-6

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt-7

I always buy a kiddie size which costs P85. But for the best deal, I buy a quart for P499 and keep it in my freezer. The great thing about it is the texture and consistency remains the same as the day I bought it. And a quart yields so much more than two large cups that you get at the store. This way I can get my Golden Spoon fix any time I want.
Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt-8

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
Ground Level, The Podium
18 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: 910-5093

Golden Spoon Philippines Facebook

3 thoughts on “Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

  1. i like their vanilla when i’m looking for a low calorie ice cream-tasting fix…i think theirkiddie size is only 120 or so calories!!! and i don’t like cantineta at the podium either…i think the original one in pasong tamo is now run by the former italian managernow under a different name…and it’s still good!  and yes, i love la nuova pasteleria…it’s not  far from us (when we’re in manila) so we usually order to go because it’s so tiny, so it’s always full! ourusual order is the truffle pasta and mushroom risotto…but now i’ll try the others thatyou found delicious!! thanks…oh and we sometimes order pasta from la grotta also, in eco plaza on pasong tamo…not too far from the old cantineta…happy eating, leslie!!! 🙂


  2. great pics!  😉 the toppings are so yummy to look at! i can’t imagine them to be guilt-free. i’m almost salivating!we don’t have Golden Spoon here in Davao. i wish someone would franchise here. 😦


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