Buffet at Marriott Cafe

Another hotel another buffet. I’m not a big fan of buffets but I was eager to see Resort World and Marriott Hotel.

Marriott Cafe-1

Marriott Cafe-2

Marriott Cafe-3

Marriott Cafe-4

Marriott Cafe-5

Marriott Cafe-6

As far as I know this is the only buffet in Manila that had free iced tea and 4 kinds too. There was the St. Patrick’s iced tea which was green and too sweet, strawberry mango, regular and the cranberry mint iced tea which I drank. It was the least sweet yet I needed to add a glass of ice to it. I liked the flavor though.
4 kinds of iced tea
4 kinds of iced tea


I loved their salad bar.
salad bar

salad bar-1

There was also several kinds of prepared salads.
salad bar-2

salad bar-3
Cashew, pecans, almonds and pine nuts

salad bar-4
smoked salmon, salami, pork loin

assorted cheese & dried fruits
assorted cheese & dried fruits


cold seafood
cold seafood


roast beef
roast beef

Pomeroy mustard, horseradish, mint jelly, I understand. But what is atchara doing next to the roast meats?
roast beef accompaniments

porkloin & US topblade
porkloin & US topblade

Entrees were simply labeled as vegetable, chicken, pork and fish.

Mongolian bbq
Mongolian bbq

garlic pesto bread
garlic pesto bread

Japanese selections
sushi, shrimp, fish and vegetable tempura

Chinese selections
Chinese roasted meats

Chinese selections-1
dim sum, soup, noodle soup

grilled food
grilled food


There were lots and lots of dessert.
desserts 1

desserts 2

desserts 3
gelato, fresh juice bar, halo halo, fruits


These are my plates. Some dim sum, pizza, bread, cheese and nuts.

Large romaine lettuce with pecans, figs, corn and marinated mushrooms. Fish, sweet potato and shrimp tempura.

More fish tempura and some Mongolian bbq which was too salty because I had the rice reduced at the last minute.

Most of the sweets I tried were pretty good. The best was the small glass on the left which was a light and yummy coconut pana cotta.

I tried some gelato – coconut, Maracaibo chocolate and Palawan honey and nuts.

The Maracaibo chocolate gelato blew me away. The flavor was unique and intense. It tasted like potent chocolate liqueur. The best chocolate gelato ever!
maracaibo chocolate gelato
maracaibo chocolate gelato

Finally a really nice and modern hotel bathroom. The design was very similar to the one in Elements mall in Hong Kong.
Marriott bathroom

Marriott bathroom-1

Marriott bathroom-2

The buffet was pretty good. They didn’t have as many choices as in other hotels but for me that was a plus. I believe in less choices but better quality. My only gripe was the lousy coffee.

Marriott Cafe
Monday to Saturday – P1,550.00 net
Sunday – P1,750.00 net

Sunday – Thursday P1,550.00 net
Saturday – Ocean Surf buffet P1,750.00 net

Kids 5 and below eat for free
6-12 years old pay half price

Marriott Cafe
Manila Marriott Hotel
No. 10 Newport Boulevard,Newport City Complex, Pasay City · Manila, 1309 Philippines
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
telephone: +632-988-9990

One thought on “Buffet at Marriott Cafe

  1. loved the buffet here, too…though i should havetried the gelato….i had their bread pudding withvanilla  cream sauce for dessert (lots!)and was too full to try the others…next time!


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