Lunch at Gotti’s

gambino gamberi - spicy shrimp
I’m very easy to invite to eat out. Just send me a text and I’ll be there. That’s what my high school friends did. They were kind enough to treat me for their birthday. Who am I to say no?

There are so many restaurants in SM Megamall’s atrium that I haven’t tried so I was happy that we ate at one of them.




Both soups were surprisingly good with a strong presence of herbs that intensified the flavor. 
cream of mushroom soup
cream of mushroom soup P90

cream of pumpkin soup
cream of pumpkin soup P90

We all liked the spicy, succulent shrimp. We had to ask for extra foccacia to sop up all the yummy sauce.
gambino gamberi - spicy shrimp
gambino gamberi – spicy shrimp P220

The pastas weren’t as al dente as I liked. The sauces were just satisfactory. They lacked oomph.
pasta a la vodka
pasta a la vodka P150

garlic shrimp pasta
garlic shrimp pasta P198

I really liked the thin, crispy crust. The sausages didn’t fare as well. It had a funky, porky smell that turned me off. They were quite generous with the toppings though.
triple sausage pizza
triple sausage pizza P320

The seafood pizza with white sauce was quite bland. It was a good concept but poorly executed.
seafood bianca pizza
seafood bianca pizza P360

The food wasn’t too bad but for much better pasta and pizza I prefer Amici one level below. That’s where we went for coffee and dessert after.

Thanks for the treat Marilou and Mila!

Gotti’s menu

4th level Mega Atrium, SM Megamall
telephone: 634-0348

2 thoughts on “Lunch at Gotti’s

  1. The spicy shirmp had me. Looks really yummy! 🙂 Regarding the other dishes, I hope they will find ways to improve the taste of their food. Everything looked good pa naman. 


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