Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay Highlands log cabin
We were lucky that a good friend lent us their log cabin at Tagaytay Highlands for our overnight stay. After I saw how nice it was I wish we could have stayed another night.

I’ve stayed in another log cabin before and it looked pretty similar to this but with different room set ups.

Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-1

The dining table was where we stayed most of the time.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-2

Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-3

The master bedroom was the only room located on the second floor.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-4

Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-5

It’s the only room with a jacuzzi tub and sauna room.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-6

Yes a sauna in the bathroom. I’m sure that would be a wonderful treat on a cold night in Tagaytay.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-7

Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-8

This was the second bedroom on the ground floor. It had it’s own bathroom with a shower.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-9

For me the best room in the house is this room. It’s not big but it had a special feature.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-10

It opened into the porch.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-11

During the day this was where we spent our time chatting and eating junk food. At night it was at the dining table. This was my favorite part of the log cabin.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-13

This is the view from the porch. Everywhere you look there were tall pine trees. It felt like Christmas all year round.
Tagaytay Highlands-19

This was the fourth bedroom just off the kitchen. It was small but it had it’s own bathroom.
Tagaytay Highlands log cabin-15

Tagaytay Highlands-16

My x-mini II linked with Elisa’s provided our music for the night.
x-mini II

The last time we went to Baguio everyone brought so much chips that we ended up bringing them home again. This was just some of the very restrained quantity of chips we had in Tagaytay.
junk food stash

Tagaytay Highlands- pine trees

This is the same group of friends that went to Baguio. Where next ladies?
Tagaytay Highlands-21

After lunch at Antonio’s we decided to take a walk around Tagaytay Highland’s club house and take a lot of pictures of ourselves. What else? 😀
Tagaytay Highlands-22

Tagaytay Highlands-23

Tagaytay Highlands-24

Tagaytay Highlands-25

Tagaytay Highlands-26

Tagaytay Highlands-27

Tagaytay Highlands-29

Tagaytay Highlands-30

We weren’t able to ride the cable car due to the schedule.
Tagaytay Highlands cable car

Tagaytay Highlands was just a mere 90 minutes from Manila but the weather couldn’t be more different. It was already March when we were there but it was very windy and quite cool. The area was really beautiful and the landscaping was well done.
Tagaytay Highlands-28

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