Batanes Day 3 Part 1 – Chawa View Deck and Mahatao

view from Chawa view deck
Day 3 in Batanes brought even more spectacular views. This was my favorite day. I took so many pictures that I have to split this day’s shots into three entries.

No more boat rides! We spent the day driving around Basco.
Welcome to Basco

We drove by the other places where you can stay in Batanes. We didn’t get to see the interiors though. But after seeing all these lodging we all agreed that we made the right choice of staying in Batanes Resort. We loved the big property and individual cottages and of course the view of the water.
Where to stay in Batanes - Shanendels

Where to stay in Batanes- Ivatan Lodge
Ivatan Lodge

Where to stay in Batanes- Batanes Seaside
Batanes Seaside

Where to stay in Batanes- Pension Ivatan
Pension Ivatan

DDD Habitat
DDD Habitat

We drove to the Capitol where our tour guide, Chris, had a surprise for us.
Batanes Provincial Capitol
Batanes Provincial Capitol

This wasn’t part of the itinerary but he thought we would enjoy the Kulay Festival, an annual event held by the local government to  promote eco-tourism and sustainable environment.
Kulay Festival, Batanes
Kulay Festival

There were street dancers and floats but what we enjoyed most was the open market selling all kinds of local delicacies, fruits, vegetables and even meat.
Kulay Festival, Batanes-1

Kulay Festival, Batanes-3

Kulay Festival, Batanes-2
sweet rice cakes

We had to buy fried sweet potatoes again! They put much less sugar than the Manila version.
camote q
camote q

The simply boiled sweet potatoes tasted even better. They were so much sweeter than those in Manila.
boiled sweet potato
boiled sweet potato

Next was the long and winding drive to Chawa View Deck in Mahatao.
long & winding road in Chawa, Batanes

Due to so many blind corners there were plenty of signs with “Blow Ur Horn” painted on rocks. This was exactly how it was written decades ago, long before cellphones and text lingo. They were ahead of their time.
blow ur horn

view from Chawa view deck-1

The view from the Chawa view deck was amazing. But when I saw all those stairs I knew my sore knees wouldn’t forgive me. So I didn’t go down.
view from Chawa view deck-2

view from Chawa view deck-3

view from Chawa view deck-4

I did the next best thing. I sent my camera with Vivian and she took the next 7 pictures. Great shots Viv! Although there were far too many pictures of her family. Ha ha.
view from Chawa view deck-5

The water in that small area is a different color. Pretty.
view from Chawa view deck-6

view from Chawa view deck-7

view from Chawa view deck-8

view from Chawa view deck-9

view from Chawa view deck-11

view from Chawa view deck-10

We stopped the van along the way and took this picture.

The next stop was Mahatao town proper where the San Carlos Borromeo church was. This church was completed in 1789 and has been declared  by the National Historical  Institute as a Heritage Site.
San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao, Batanes
San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao, Batanes

San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao, Batanes-1

San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao, Batanes-2

You can see the limestone used on the church’s steps.
San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao, Batanes-3

San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao, Batanes-4

Most of the churches we went to in Batanes had beautifully maintained gardens.
San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao, Batanes-5

Right at the edge of the garden was the oldest and smallest lighthouse in Batanes.  
Oldest lighthouse in Mahatao, Batanes
oldest and smallest lighthouse

Another lamp was across the street in the backyard of a house. Lamps were placed in both lighthouses and the fishermen would head towards the middle of the lights.
Oldest lighthouse in Mahatao, Batanes-1

blow ur horn-1

Wilson is wearing the best souvenir from Batanes.
blow ur horn-2

Another beach not being used for swimming. I wonder why there isn’t a beach resort in Batanes when everywhere we go there are beaches and the whole island is surrounded by water.


Watch out for part 2.

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