Batanes Day 3 Part 2 – Lunch at Fundacion Pacita

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-5
If you are going to Batanes and money is no object then the only place to stay is at Fundacion Pacita.

We walked around the area before going to the actual nature lodge. The landscaping was top notch.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-6

Even the office was picture perfect and so quaint.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-1

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-2

These are the statues of the parents of internationally acclaimed artist, Pacita Abad and Butch Abad, the current Secretary of Budget and Management.<a cricru="" href="; http:="" photos="" title="Department of Budget and Management Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-3

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-4

This was the private residences of the Abad family and off limits to nosy tourists like us.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-7

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-8

It’s gorgeous from any angle.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-9

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-10

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-11

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-12

If your room doesn’t have it’s own private terrace you can sit here to enjoy the cool breeze and take in the rolling hills.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-13

Upon entering we stopped to read the story of Pacita Abad.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-14

One of her artworks.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-16

The place looked like really nice country lodge.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-17

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-18

Art works by well known and up and coming artists were displayed all over the common areas.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-19

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-20

We didn’t stay here but Jennifer’s friend was able to arrange for us to have lunch there. Normally the restaurant is for the hotel’s guests only.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-21

Two terrace suites flanked the dining room. This room was occupied so I was able to take pictures through the glass door.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- Terrace Suite, Main-1
Terrace Suite, Main

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- Terrace Suite, Main

The occupants of this room were delayed that’s why they allowed us to go in and snap dozens of pictures.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- Terrace Suite, Main-2

The room wasn’t big but the furnishings made you feel like you were a guest in a friend’s home instead of a hotel with cookie cutter rooms.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- Terrace Suite, Main-3
Terrace Suite, Main

The bathroom was small but very clean and the fixtures were modern.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- Terrace Suite, Main-5

The best part was the terrace which was almost as large as the room. I can imagine having breakfast here or relaxing after a whole day of touring just sitting and enjoying the sunset.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- Terrace Suite, Main-6

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this view?
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-29

I think this was the Family Suite, Mountain View.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- Family Suite, Mountain View

The first dish was their version kinilaw called lataven,  raw fish mixed with minced ginger and onions,  calamansi juice,
hot pepper and blanched with boiling fish broth.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- kilawin

I’m not allowed to eat carbs on my diet but I couldn’t resist eating these super sweet sweet potatoes.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- boiled sweet potatoes
boiled sweet potatoes

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- coconut crab
coconut crab

The crab roe was plentiful and extremely rich and yummy.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- coconut crab-1

Now this was good lonyes or Ivatan fried pork. Unlike the rock hard lonyes we had at Batanes Resort. The pork was soft, vinegary and really good with the sweet potatoes. We wanted to order more but the kitchen prepared only just enough for us. They didn’t expect such big appetites!
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- lonyes

The steamed fish was really fresh and perfectly cooked.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- steamed fish
steamed fish

I didn’t expect dessert and I gave in and thoroughly enjoyed the tart, thin and slightly crisp calamansi squares.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes- kalamansi squares
calamansi squares

We didn’t mind paying extra for good coffee. It was just perfect with dessert.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-38

Thanks for lunch Captain Castaneda!!! It was our best meal for the entire trip. That’s another excellent reason to stay at Fundacion Pacita.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-39
NOT my plate

You have to book early if you want to stay here. There are only a few rooms and you will want to choose ones with the best views. Rates start at P4,860 to P11,700 for the bigger suites that can accommodate up to five people.

Goodbye Fundacion Pacita. I hope to see you again one day.
Fundacion Pacita, Batanes-40

Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge
Brgy. Chanarian-Tukon
Basco, Batanes

Manila Address:
Room 308, Philippine Social Science Center Bldg.,
Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City
Contact Number.: +639272902404


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  1. now this is where i’d stay 🙂 type ko ang cr 🙂 hahaha love your photos leslie!! show me your plate too!!


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