Lunch at Old Vine Grille, Eastwood Mall

Tessie Tomas salad
I love getting together with my college buddies. I just wish we could see each other more often than just when we treat each other for our birthdays.

It was Rizette’s turn to treat us and she chose the Old Vine in Eastwood Mall. I haven’t eaten there and it was my first time to go to Eastwood Mall. My dinner at Choi Palace didn’t count since I didn’t get to see anything but the Chinese restaurant.
Old Vine restaurant

Old Vine restaurant-1

Old Vine billed itself as serving Mediterranean inspired cuisine but based on the food we ordered it seemed like plain ol’ American food. Everyone’s favorite was the hearty salad named after a popular comedian in the Philippines. The salad which could easily be a main course had grilled prawns, marinated salmon, grilled shiitake mushroom, mesclun salad and dressed with a creamy balsamic dressing.
Tessie Tomas salad
Tessie Tomas salad P680 (large)

I found the fish and chips basket to be a very good deal. At only P250 there was quite a generous serving of fried fish and potato wedges. My friends polished it off.
fish and chips
fish and chips basket P250

My friends found the tenderloin steak to be tender but too salty. The pasta wasn’t al dente. This definitely didn’t fare well and the left-overs went into a doggy bag.
steak and pasta
steak and pasta P595

Tes didn’t think there was enough food so she ordered half a roast chicken. She said it was just ok and a lot better than the steak and pasta. So she didn’t regret her additional order.
half roast chicken
half roasted chicken P320

For my diet meal I ordered a plain sirloin steak without gravy. It was a good thing there was gravy because the steak was absolutely tasteless. Even though I wasnt allowed to eat gravy I just had to eat it or else I would have been very, very sad. The beef was a little tough but at least it was lean.

They were kind enough to give me a plain salad instead of the usual sidings that came with the steak. The problem was the balsamic vinegar I asked for instead of their pre-made vinaigrette. I’ve never tried balsamic vinegar that wasn’t sour and had no taste at all. I wonder what brand it was.
steak and salad
steak and salad

Ateneo buddies
me, Rizette, Len Len and Tes

Old Vine is part of a group of restaurants that include Uncle Cheffy, Beurre Blanc, Old Quarter and Kuse.
Old Vine's menu
Old Vine’s menu
(click to enlarge)

Old Vine's menu-1

Old Vine Grille
Unit 119, Level 1, Eastwood Mall, 
Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
telephone: 706-5573

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  1. Hi. I have read some of your posts and I find them quite helpful as to which restaurants to visit whenever I am in the Philippines. The photos in this entry made me drool, but the review made me think this is a bad restaurant. Just a tiny favor, can you include in your posts whether the restaurant is worth the visit? Thanks. Wonderful blog, by the way.


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