Hamilo Coast 2011

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-3
How time flies! It’s was time again for our annual trip to Hamilo Coast. We started going in 2008 when it was so new that we had to use tents and there weren’t any amenities yet. In 2009 the beach club was built and I started blogging. Last year I was amazed how much the whole resort has grown.

Here’s my group of HS friends. Lots of other families and kids who are now grown up were also with us.
Hamilo Coast buffet lunch

The first order of the day was a scrumptious buffet lunch at the ballroom. This year the spread was all Filipino food. As usual the food was excellent.
Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-1

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-bread

These trio of spreads are a staple year after year and they are as good as the first time I tried them.
Hamilo Coast buffet lunch- trio of dips
garlic cheese, tinapa and chicken liver spreads

Their Filipino salads were everybody’s favorites.
Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-green mango salad
green mango salad

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-pako salad
pako salad

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-salted egg and tomato salad
salted egg and tomato salad

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-tinapa or smoked fish
tinapa or smoked fish

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-salad bar
salad bar

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-salad dressings
salad dressings

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-garlic rice
garlic rice

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-17
pinakbet, monggo, kare kare, pancit luglog and penne carbonara

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-lechon kawali
lechon kawali

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-make your own halo halo
halo halo bar

Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-fresh fruits
fresh fruits

I was happy with my diet meal of grilled chicken breast and salad. I cheated a little by getting some of the yummy spreads.
Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-15

My dessert was super sweet mango and not so sweet melon.
Hamilo Coast buffet lunch-16

After lunch we went to the Beach Club.
Hamilo Coast Beach Club

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-1

A new boutique, Kultura, has opened right at the lobby of the Beach Club.
Hamilo Coast Beach Club-2

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-3

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-4

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-5

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-6

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-7

There are now many water activities available.
Hamilo Coast Beach Club-8

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-9

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-10
speed boat, banana boat

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-11

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-12

Hamilo Coast Beach Club-13

I finally got some pictures of the Sun Coral Cafe where a lunch buffet was served.
Hamilo Coast Sun Coral Cafe

Hamilo Coast Sun Coral Cafe-1

Hamilo Coast Sun Coral Cafe-2

Hamilo Coast Sun Coral Cafe-3

Hamilo Coast Sun Coral Cafe-4

Around 4:00 pm we all met back at the ballroom for afternoon merienda (snack time, the most important 4th or 5th meal for Filipinos).  In case you’re wondering I had coffee.
Hamilo Coast merienda - sandwiches
assorted sandwiches

Hamilo Coast merienda-baked macaroni
baked macaroni

Hamilo Coast merienda-biko suman
biko suman 

On Friday I will feature the Pico Sands Hotel in Hamilo Coast.

Hamilo Coast
SM Investments Corporation
10th Floor, One E-Com Center Sunset Drive,
Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, 1300
Sales office number: +632 858 0333
Showroom numbers: +632 819 1673 and +632 819 1675
Mobile: +63917 842 6456
US Toll Free: +18669788020 and +18669787650

5 thoughts on “Hamilo Coast 2011

  1. how nice leslie!! 🙂 food looks good! hey are you in town already? when’s our lunch with Jin? 🙂 i’m free next sat 😀


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