Dinner at Aomori

beef salpicao
I tagged along with my cousin Stanley for dinner with his HS friends. We were supposed to eat in another restaurant in Northeast Square but it was closed on Sundays. I chose to eat at Aomori instead and I’m glad we ended up there.

Aomori is a Japanese style cafe that also sells a lot of Japanese merchandise and bread.
Aomori, Northeast Square

Aomori, Northeast Square-1

They had so many kinds of bread from individual stuffed bread to bigger packs.
Aomori, Northeast Square-2

Aomori, Northeast Square-4

If only I could eat bread I would definitely buy the whole wheat w/ cranberry & walnut and the rye loaf with squash seeds.
Aomori, Northeast Square-5

We didn’t get to try their macarons. I wonder if they’re any good?
Aomori, Northeast Square-3

Aomori, Northeast Square-6

They had an open kitchen. A really open kitchen without any glass partition to the dining room. I don’t know if it’s still the same way now but my friends were really bothered with the smell and smoke reaching the dining area.
Aomori, Northeast Square-7

They had cute containers for our bags.
Aomori, Northeast Square-8

You can buy all kind of instant coffee and creamer with the brand Key Coffee from Japan.
Key coffee
Key coffee

They also had ground coffee and coffee in sachet that you can buy per piece.
Key coffee-1

spaghetti, etc
spaghetti, tomato sauce, etc.

Stanley bought a couple of bags of lobster chips and he loved it. I found the taste too strong though.
lobster, crab, shrimp chips
lobster, crab, shrimp chips

coffee sugar, cups, grinder, pot
coffee sugar, cups, grinder, pot

If you are interested in the coffee maker used by Lugang Cafe you can buy it here for P18,500. It’s being sold in this site for $319.95 AUD.
Belgium Royal 4C Cafe Balance Syphon Coffee Maker 18,500
Belgium Royal 4C Cafe Balance Syphon Coffee Maker P18,500

I chose two kinds of stuffed loaf bread for their appetizers. They kindly heated it up and served it with coffee honey butter. Everyone said the bread was very good. Every night starting 6:00 pm the breads go on sale at 30% off.
pork floss bread with coffee honey butter 95
pork floss bread with coffee honey butter 95

pork asado bread 95
pork asado bread 95

While looking for the phone number of Aomori I found out it has the same owner as Yumemiya Japanese Cafe. While I was disappointed with Yumemiya’s policy of not allowing any food substitution in their sets, I was very happy with Aomori allowing me to change my rice and roasted veggies to a salad instead.

They gave me a big serving of Aomori salad which was an mostly green salad. It had green apple slices, kiwi slices, hard boiled eggs, onions, pine nuts and a delicious mild, creamy pesto dressing. I really enjoyed this salad very much!
Aomori salad 198
Aomori salad

The food choices in the menu weren’t really Japanese but they were cooked and served with a Japanese style. The serving was small but just right for my diet. The beef was super tender and garlicky.
beef salpicao
beef salpicao P258

Set meals included a small serving of pumpkin soup and Aomori salad.
pumpkin soup & small Aomori salad
pumpkin soup & small Aomori salad

The roasted chicken was served with super healthy 18 grain rice, Aomori coleslaw and a fried egg. H said it was good and but it was too much for him to finish. I think two people can share this set.
half roasted chicken 398
half roasted chicken P398

Stanley liked his beef tenderloin too.
Asian beef tenderloin with mushrooms
Asian beef tenderloin with mushrooms P398

Timmy said the chicken bulgogi-wich was good but nothing great unlike the chicken teriyaki and eggplant sandwich of UCC which he thought was more unforgettable.
chicken bulgogi-wich 248
chicken bulgogi-wich P248

Deb was disappointed with the burger which was a typical Japanese tasting burger. I tried a small piece and I didn’t like the flavor either. It was too tasty and over spiced. I prefer an American style burger seasoned with only salt and pepper.
grilled burger wafflewich 288
grilled burger wafflewich P288

cappuccino 118
cappuccino P118

I ordered a drip coffee and watched them make it using the pour over method currently all the rage in San Francisco’s popular coffee shops. Americans have discovered how good coffee is made using a dripper with filter. Hot water is poured slowly in a circular direction using a special pot with a long spout to control the flow of water.
pour over coffee using Hario equipment
pour over coffee using Japanese equipment

The coffee was indeed very good.  Special Japanese sugar crystals was served along with a cookie which I gave to Deb.
Key coffee 109
Key coffee P109

XS '76
pic c/o Deb

I liked the food in Aomori better than Yumemiya. They had more choices than just pizza and pasta. The food here seems healthier too. And I’m sure you will be tempted by all their bread variety. I know I was.

Aomori’s menu

Basement, 47 Northeast Square Building
Connecticut Street, Greenhills, 
San Juan City, 1503 Manila, Philippines
telephone: 724-1952
hours: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

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