Hooker’s Sweet Treats

Hooker's Sweet Treats - salted caramels
I’m not a big fan of caramels but I’ve read so much about Hooker’s sea salted caramels from several online sources that I wanted to try it and see what all the fuss was about.

Hooker’s Sweet Treats was only a couple of blocks from Brenda’s and we really had to pass by Hyde Street on our way back to Union Square.
Hooker's Sweet Treats-1

Hooker's Sweet Treats-2

Hooker's Sweet Treats-3

Hooker's Sweet Treats-5

Hooker's Sweet Treats-4

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Hooker’s was to have some Sightglass Coffee which they served. I ordered a large French Press for only $5. At the counter there was free sampling of Third Nut caramels which had cashews, almonds and pecans. It was buttery and not too sweet and I really liked the combination of nuts. I was satisfied with my little sampling of caramels.
Hooker's Sweet Treats-6

I wish I could have tried their sweet cheddar biscuits but I was still too full from lunch. Although I wanted to erase the unfortunate biscuit I had at Brenda’s.
Hooker's Sweet Treats-7

Hooker's Sweet Treats-8

The coffee was spectacular!!! I really loved the rich, dark and complex flavor of the coffee. It became my instant favorite and I immediately planned my trip to Sightglass coffee to buy their beans. They did sell beans at Hooker’s but I wanted to see Sightglass and get fresh roasted beans. The large French press was a good deal too. Ariel and I had two cups of coffee each.
Hooker's Sweet Treats- Sightglass coffee

I asked this guy making candies if he was Hooker 😀 sadly he wasn’t. He was very friendly though. We thought he looked Filipino but he said he was from Guam and was often mistaken for a Filipino.
Hooker's Sweet Treats-10

He was so nice to give us a couple of their famous sea salted caramels to try. These caramels were a bit firmer and sweeter than the Third Nut but I liked the dark chocolate coating and the contrast of the sea salt. If you like caramels then you will love these. They are definitely not your typical store bought caramels. I could taste the butter and it was very smooth and had a good chewy bite.
Hooker's Sweet Treats - salted caramels-1
sea salted dark chocolate covered caramels $2

Hooker's Sweet Treats - salted caramels-2

Hooker’s Sweet Treats
442 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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