Sightglass Coffee Roasters

Sightglass Coffee-10
I loved the Sightglass Coffee I had at Hooker’s Sweet Treats so much that I went to their store in the afternoon. It was a little less than a mile away from my hotel so I walked. I walk for coffee. There’s no distance to far or near for my beloved coffee.

After consulting the saved image of Google map’s directions to Sightglass on my iPhone several times I finally found the place (that’s the hardship of not having 3G on my iPhone). I was so happy the place was still open.
Sightglass Coffee

The huge warehouse like place was the actual place they roasted their coffee daily.
Sightglass Coffee-1

Sightglass Coffee-2

I wish I got to see the roasting of beans in action.
Sightglass Coffee-3

Sightglass Coffee-4

They had several bags of freshly roasted beans on sale. The date of roasting was written on each bag.
Sightglass Coffee-5

Sightglass Coffee-6

You can also have coffee or espresso here.
Sightglass Coffee-7

Sightglass Coffee-8

I bought 3 bags of coffee beans, the cheapest one cost $14 for 340 g. and the most expensive one cost $21. Yes they’re quite expensive but definitely worth it and I can’t wait to taste them.

I paid on this iPad with a Square card reader attached to swipe my credit card. I signed on the iPad. I found out that Sightglass Coffee was one of the first merchants to use this method because the CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey is also an investor in Sightglass Coffee as well as the inventor of Twitter.
Sightglass Coffee-9

Owl’s Howl is what I drank at Hooker’s and it’s one of the beans I bought. My trek to Sightglass Coffee was definitely worth it even though Ariel later told me that it wasn’t a good area for me to walk to by myself. I was quite jittery on my way back to the hotel since there were several unscrupulous looking subjects in the area but I simply walked faster and was ready to hit any would be attackers with my bag of coffee beans.
Sightglass Coffee-11

Sightglass Coffee Roasters
270 Seventh Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103



7 thoughts on “Sightglass Coffee Roasters

  1. hi leslie!My love for coffee came late in life… (last year i think) hahaha but I love your coffee post.  By the way Shanda and I just came from a party where we first met one year ago… Yup it’s the annual party at Forbes Park and yes Shanda sang again this year.  We were sort of looking forward to seeing you again since I’ve been hooked on your blog since you introduced me to it a year ago.  God bless and keep on writing 🙂 


  2. This reminds me of my trek to Inteligentsia Coffee in LA. Looks like you and I are similar in that we go where the coffee is, Leslie. And I hardly quibble at the price of a bag of coffee beans, either. Good coffee is more than worth it.


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