Bouchon Bakery, Yountville

Fall foliage in Yountville
I’ve never been to the United States during fall season. Even though I arrived mid November I’m glad I was still able to see the beautiful colors of the foliage in Yountville.

I love pastries and any kind of baked goods and that’s one of the reasons for my being overweight. I really wanted to go Bouchon Bakery and it was a true test of my willpower if I can resist not buying all the goodies in the shop.
Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery-1

Bouchon Bakery-2

So far so good. The packaged sweets on the counter looked good but didn’t really pose any temptation.
Bouchon Bakery-3

Oh my goodness were my eyes playing tricks on me? They were selling foie gras dog biscuits!!! I wonder what they taste like.
Bouchon Bakery- foie gras dog biscuits

Hmm bread pudding? nah…
Bouchon Bakery-5

Bouchon Bakery- coffee cake
coffee cake

Bouchon Bakery- pumpkin brioche
pumpkin brioche

Bouchon Bakery- chocolate bouchon, financier, madelaine
chocolate bouchon, financier and madelaine

So far so good. Until I saw the scones. I made a deal with myself even before leaving Manila. I will try to stay true to my diet but I won’t deprive myself of the ocassional treats. I decided that I will eat only 3 BAD goodies for the entire trip. The 3 things are scones/biscuits (savory or sweet), cookies and cornbread. These are carbs that I really love and can’t readily find in Manila.

It’s strange but I’d choose a good scone over cupcakes anytime. There’s something about the buttery texture that I just love. When I saw the huge scones I didn’t even think twice. I bought a chocolate cherry scone and cheddar bacon scone.
Bouchon Bakery- chocolate cherry scones
chocolate cherry scone $2.75

And of course I bought a double chocolate cookie. I realized that I liked eating sweets with texture that’s why I can resist cakes, doughnuts and sweet rolls but not cookies specially the chewy kind.
Bouchon Bakery- cookies
assorted cookies

Bouchon Bakery-11
coffee menu

Fall foliage in Yountville-1

Bouchon Bakery-14

I actually ate some of the scones for breakfast the next day. I didn’t have any means to warm the scones but they still tasted incredible. They were buttery and crumbly without being dry. My favorite was the cheddar bacon scone which had a hint of sweetness and lots of cheese and bacon bits.

The chocolate scone had large chunks of semi sweet chocolate chips and sour dried cherry which added a nice tartness.  These were the best scones I’ve ever eaten.
Bouchon Bakery- cheddar bacon scones

The cookie was still chewy two days after when I ate it on my flight to DC. It was very dark and bitter just the way I like it. Obviously good quality cocoa and chocolate was used. The cookie was thick and quite big and very satisfying. It lasted for at least 3 hours since a small piece every so often was enough to appease my hunger and desire for something sweet. It was the perfect snack to take on a long flight. I only wish I had some on my flight to Manila.
Bouchon Bakery- double chocolate cookie

Bouchon Bakery Yountville 
6528 Washington Street, Yountville, California 94599
telephone: (707) 944-2253

Open Daily 7am to 7pm

2 thoughts on “Bouchon Bakery, Yountville

  1. I love scones too!  Especially with cream 🙂  Your blog is so nice to read, just stumbled onto it last week.  Makes me miss San Francisco’s food!


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