Holly Brown Coffee

Holly Brown Coffee espresso macchiato-001
I’m so happy that coffee love is spreading out in Hong Kong.

Holly Brown Coffee is a relatively new chain that has opened several branches in the city.
Holly Brown Coffee-001

They also have gelato and some quick meals like waffles and pasta.
Holly Brown Coffee-002

They also sell expensive blends of coffee.
Holly Brown Coffee-003

I was shocked to learn that these prices were for a CUP of coffee. For HK$280 you can buy a bottle of Kopi Luwak beans in Manila.
Holly Brown Coffee-004
specialty coffee menu

If you want to impress a date bring them to Holly Brown where you can have 2 cups of coffee and snacks for HK$1,000.
Holly Brown Coffee-005

Holly Brown Coffee menu
Holly Brown Coffee menu

Since I didn’t have a date to pay for my coffee I got a cup of espresso macchiato for HK$26. It was strong and chocolatey. I was happy I found great coffee in Hong Kong. But then there’s Cafe de Coral where I often get my afternoon coffee fix for HK$10. Both have a place in my heart.
Holly Brown Coffee espresso macchiato
espresso macchiato

Holly Brown Coffee
K11 Mall
G19, Ground Floor,18 Hanoi Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon
telephone: (852) 3122 4016

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday
10:00am to 11:00pm

5 thoughts on “Holly Brown Coffee

  1. hi ms leslie!Im your lurker from cambodia!will be in hong kong on the 26th til may 1.will definitely try cafe de coral, ive read your post about it and their prices seem reasonable!ive been making my food itinerary for our hk trip and your hk blog posts help a lot!will definitely visit i love cake (since i plan to start baking) and kowloon area but will avoid this holly brown coffee, pretty expensive coffee fix.^^


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