Philippine Airlines Food Mnl-Hkg-Mnl December 2011

Philippine Airlines Meals - creamy mushroom omelette
I have a long backlog of posts with trips to Tagaytay, Cebu, Taipei, Hong Kong and Boracay. I decided to tackle them in order even though it’s delayed.  This starts a series on my trip to Hong Kong last December 2011.

Philippine Airlines Meals- breakfast menu
breakfast menu

Philippine Airlines Meals-002

I like that PAL offers local breads during their flights. It’s a nice introduction to foreigners. I managed to resist the ensaymada only because it looked different from the AWESOME ensaymada I had on a previous flight.
Philippine Airlines Meals- pan de sal and ensaymada
pan de sal and ensaymada

The menu said Brie and Edam but I got both Brie which I didn’t mind since it was good with the dried fruits specially the yummy dried mangoes which seemed homemade since it wasn’t as sweet as the commercial ones. It was also very thick and quite moist.
Philippine Airlines Meals- dried fruit with brie
dried mango, dates, carrot, cucumber with Brie and Edam cheese

For breakfast I always choose the tried and tested bangus with adobo butter but I wanted to something different so I ordered the mushroom omelette even though I don’t like eggs. It was indeed soft and creamy but I wish there were more mushrooms inside.

The chicken burger was a bit firm but it was very flavorful. All in all a pretty healthy meal.
Philippine Airlines Meals - creamy mushroom omelette-001
creamy mushroom omelette w/ chicken herbed patty

I found the seller of these delicious dried mango dipped in dark Belgian chocolate when I was in Cebu. Each piece cost P20 and I didn’t buy any since I knew I couldn’t stop at eating one piece.
Philippine Airlines Meals- Cebu Best Mango Chocolate
Cebu Best Mango Chocolate

Philippine Airlines Meals- lunch menu
lunch menu

I read somewhere that ordering fish in an airplane is not a good idea but in Philippine Airlines I never get disappointed with their fish entrées.
Philippine Airlines Meals- steamed fish in mango coconut cream sauce

I couldn’t believe the generous wedge of cheese and thick slices of ham for starters. It made the perfect sandwich with the whole grain roll from the bread basket. I wrapped up the sandwich and took it home with me. Hee hee… It was a yummy afternoon snack.
Philippine Airlines Meals- proscuitto cotto with cheese
proscuitto cotto with cheese

The fish was perfectly cooked and flaky. I tried not to eat the creamy fattening sauce but it kept getting in the way. How can I resist the delicious but light coconut flavor? I didn’t taste the mango though.
Philippine Airlines Meals- steamed fish in mango coconut cream sauce-001
steamed fish in mango coconut cream sauce

Wow!! The almond pudding tasted just like panna cotta. It was to die for!!!
Philippine Airlines Meals- almond pudding with lychee & mandarin orange
almond pudding with lychee & mandarin orange

Philippine Airlines Meals- coffee

As usual the food was excellent. I love PAL’s food.

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