Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry

Herb's Best Amori pasta with seafood
A few months ago I received an email from Herb’s Best International founder Fannie Guanzon inviting me to dinner at her home.

This is Fannie, my gracious and beautiful host for dinner.
Herb's Best Fannie Guanzon
Herb’s Best Fannie Guanzon

Founded in 2004 by Ms. Fannie Guanzon, it started out by partnering with a poor farming community in Nueva Vizcaya (a province North of Manila) producing noodles. The raw materials used in making the noodles were primarily indigenous ingredients, Moringa taking the lead. The founder’s developing passion for Moringa led to extensive research, product development and innovation and thereafter, the manufacture of Moringa pure powder and tea and Moringa and other herbs-infused products. 
from Herb’s Best Facebook page
Herb's Best Healthy Pantry
Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry products

Fannie welcomed me to her beautiful apartment.
Herb's Best Healthy Pantry -004

Herb's Best Healthy Pantry -005

She even had a talented guy who did the flower arrangement and table settings that night. I was surprised to be the only guest that night. The other guests were her very close friends who were all so ‘kalog‘ and fun to talk with that I felt like I’ve know them for a while.
Herb's Best Healthy Pantry -002

Fannie had Chef Ogie Reloj of Cafe Bonifacio at The Podium do all the cooking that night. (My review of Cafe Bonifacio coming soon). Chef Ogie is known as Manila’s roti king and he showed us how to make roti from scratch.
roti making by Chef Ogie Reloj
roti making by Chef Ogie Reloj

I wasn’t supposed to eat carbs but I couldn’t help myself since I love roti and this roti was fabulous. It was thin, light, crisp and not oily at all. The curry sauce that accompanied it was made Herb’s Best Sinigang Mix and other ingredients. It had a unique flavor that was perfect with the roti.
roti with curry sauce made with Herb's Best Sinigang Mix
roti with curry sauce made with Herb’s Best Sinigang Mix

I’m not a big fan of eggplant but this salad made with diced eggplant, boiled saba (plantain), cilantro, salted egg and dressed with pinakurat (spiced coconut vinegar), olive oil and garlic was sheer genius! The soft eggplant and meaty saba, both mild flavored ingredients splashed with an aggressive dressing was an explosion in the mouth.
Eggplant salad with salted egg
Eggplant salad with salted egg

I loved Chef Ogie’s award winning creamy salted egg dressing with Herb’s Best Ginisa mix on the salad greens with grapes, fresh blueberries, roasted cashew and yellow bell peppers. Pinoy fusion at it’s best.
Salad with salted egg dressing
Salad with salted egg dressing

Chef Ogie made a marinade using Herb’s Best Ginisa mix, lemongrass, keffir lime leaves, anatto and turmeric for the chicken.
Chicken Inasal with Herb's Best Ginisa Mix
Chicken Inasal with Herb’s Best Ginisa Mix

If the chef decides to open his own inasal restaurant he’ll definitely give the chicken chains a run for their money. Even though the chicken was marinated for less than an hour the grilled chicken was so tasty and fragrant. You could taste the tangy flavors all the way to the bone. This was definitely one of my favorites during dinner.
Chicken Inasal with Herb's Best Ginisa Mix
Chicken Inasal

The sinigang (sour soup) was made with Herb’s Best Sinigang mix which was free from msg and made with a tamarind base and 21 fruit and 15 vegetable extractives making it super healthy and convenient. The taste was just the right amount of sour and savory. The salmon belly was marinated in ginger juice that’s why there wasn’t any fishy taste.
Herb's Best Salmon Belly Sinigang
Herb’s Best Salmon Belly Sinigang

I was already beyond full when the pasta came out. One bite and I was floored. Herb’s Best Amori pasta is made with oven-dried vegetables. The pasta tasted like fresh pasta and had the most amazing bite to it. The dried pasta takes only 3 minutes to boil just like fresh pasta. The sauce fresh shrimp, clams and cilantro was utterly divine. This was my favorite dish!!!
Herb's Best Amori pasta with seafood
Herb’s Best Amori pasta with seafood

Chef Ogie (seated) with Fannie and her lovely friends made dinner so much fun that night. Good food and good company made for a perfect evening.
Herb's Best Healthy Pantry -014

Herb's Best Healthy Pantry prooducts
Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry prooducts

Herb's Best Healthy Pantry Amori Pasta

A box of Amori pasta contained 4 individually packed single serving portion of pasta. This is perfect for dieters who are watching their portions. Since the pasta contains vegetables it will make you full without feeling bloated. When you’ve tried this pasta write to me and let me know how much you love it.
Herb's Best Healthy Pantry Amori Pasta-001
Herb’s Best Amori Pasta

The great thing about the products of Herb’s Best International is each and every product is made with only natural ingredients that are packed with Moringa and other super healthy ingredients like fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to everyone in the family. This is specially good for kids who are picky eaters. They will never know that their food has veggies and fruits.

Read more about their products here and at their Facebook page.

Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry products are available at:
Ayala Alabang

Festival Mall
San Pedro

BF Ruins
Metro East
Davao Abreeza
Cagayan de Oro
Cebu Banilad
Nepo Dagupan

LANDMARK Makati & Trinoma

Sta. Lucia Phase 1& Phase 3

South Supermarket Alabang & Sta. Rosa

Makati Supermart
Cash & Carry

Pioneer Supermarket
Sugar Leaf Greenhills
Sugar Leaf Makati
500 Shaw Kiddie Club

NCCC Supermarket Davao

4 thoughts on “Herb’s Best Healthy Pantry

  1. Amazing how you’ve chronicled our dinner, Les!  So happy to know you enjoyed it —- everything is just so vivid, I can almost taste the lovely flavors of all the dishes Chef Ojie prepared using our products.  But more than that, the laughter, the animated conversation, the sound of the  oohas and ahhs as we savored our little feast are now more than ever indelibly imprinted in mind and heart — we  really should do this again!Thank you, Les, for honoring my invitation with your wonderful presence and friendship.


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