Sunday Lunch at Laguna Garden Cafe

seafood kare kare P295
For our last meal in Cebu, Tes insisted that I try the food at Laguna Garden Café at the Ayala Center.

Right across was Café Laguna which was managed by other relatives. This group also had another restaurant in the mall called Lemon Grass. All restaurants were quite popular with diners.
Cafe Laguna

Ayala Center Cebu

Having tried all three restaurants Tes said she preferred the food at Laguna Garden Cafe.
Laguna Garden Cafe

Laguna Garden Cafe-001

Laguna Garden Cafe-002

We met up with Tes’ only brother, Manoling who was based in Cebu.
Laguna Garden Cafe-003

The siblings had their favorite drink/dessert, Guinomis. I tried a little of it and not so sweet but the coconut milk tasted a bit oily to me. They were happy with it though and that’s the important thing. Tes even asked for extra pinipig on the side.
guinomis P75
guinomis P75

I liked the tokwa’t baby which was nice and sour.
tokwa't baboy P85
tokwa’t baboy P85

For a healthier alternative we ordered the seafood kare kare. It was quite good. Our only complaint was the ultra slow service. It took almost an hour for the food to come out despite our frequent reminder to our waiter. The people on the next table who arrived after us were already eating while we stared their food longingly.
seafood kare kare P295
seafood kare kare P295

seafood kare kare P295-001

The bagoong was so good and not too salty.

I wish the laing had more coconut flavor. It was not as spicy either unless you crush the small chili.

laing (pinangat) P170
laing (pinangat) P170

My favorite was the bibingka which was light yet so creamy and moist in the middle.  I would go back just to eat this bibingka.
bibingka P85
bibingka P85

The prices were surprisingly reasonable. If not for the slow service I would highly recommend this place.
Laguna Garden Cafe bill

Laguna Garden Cafe Menu

Laguna Garden Café
The Terraces
Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu City, Philippines
telephone: (+63 32) 233-8600
fax: (+63 32) 233-8602

One thought on “Sunday Lunch at Laguna Garden Cafe

  1. Their seafood bouillabaisse is also good here but I would highly recommend their puto bumbong. It’s the only place you can find this in the Cebu metro. Though it’s normally eaten during December, this native snack is one of my well loved faves in this resto. :)Babe for Food – your BFF in Cebu dining! :) 


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