Zubuchon at Mactan Cebu International Airport

Who doesn’t know Marketman’s Zubuchon? Anthony Bourdain declared his lechon “the best pig ever.”

I didn’t have enough time to go to their store to try the lechon so I did the next best thing. I bought 1 kilo of frozen lechon at their small space in Mactan Cebu airport.
Zubuchon at Cebu Mactan Airport-001

Zubuchon at Cebu Mactan Airport-002
Zubuchon’s price list

Zubuchon at Cebu Mactan Airport-003
1 kilo frozen lechon P490

My friend told me to heat up the lechon in the turbo broiler or oven toaster so the skin will be crisp and the fat will drip off.
Zubuchon at Cebu Mactan Airport-004

Zubuchon at Cebu Mactan Airport-005

This lechon tasted more like lechon kawali because the skin wasn’t smooth and crispy like your regular lechon. The skin was blistered and super crispy as if it were deep fried. What I liked best was the succulent and evenly flavorful meat. I’m not a fan of lechon because the meat is usually bland. I only sometimes eat the skin if it’s crisp. This lechon I ate all the meat. The meat reminded me more lechon de leche with it’s tender and almost milky flavor.

It really is the best pig ever!! Anyone going to Cebu? Can you buy me 1 kilo of Zubuchon? I miss it already. This is the perfect last minute buy when you are at the airport so make sure to bring an empty bag.
Zubuchon at Cebu Mactan Airport-006


4 thoughts on “Zubuchon at Mactan Cebu International Airport

  1. I love, love, love Zubuchon too! I actually went to Cebu just for Zubuchon, would you believe? But I found it other interesting things in Cebu. When I come back to Cebu this year, I’ll still go back to Zubuchon and hoard not only their lechon but also the kalamansi marmalade and chicharon.


  2. *drooling* Gawd, I looooove Zubuchon! Love the sisig most especially. Great post and pics!Just followed you on GFC! 🙂 Hope I get a follow back. Thanks!www.themommist.blogspot.com


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