Gong Cha Taipei

Gong Cha 八宝仙草奶烧-003
When I was in Taipei I was actively looking for the popular milk tea brands we have in Manila like Chatime, Share Tea and others but I didn’t see them except for this tiny branch of Gong Cha in a small street right across the massage place we went to.

Gong Cha Taipei

I wanted to try something new but everything was in Chinese and shame on me for not being able to read Chinese despite my education in ICA.
Gong Cha Taipei-002

Gong Cha Taipei-001

Gong Cha Taipei-003

My dad chose this drink that was ‘special recommend.’
Gong Cha 八宝仙草奶烧

With the help of Google translate and my mom this drink is called 8 herbs grass jelly drink.
Gong Cha 八宝仙草奶烧-001

There’s the grass jelly that my parents love.
Gong Cha 八宝仙草奶烧-002

It also had sweet beans and barley.
Gong Cha 八宝仙草奶烧-003

And lots of tapioca or sago.
Gong Cha 八宝仙草奶烧-004

My dad was half way through his drink when the guy manning the stall gestured that the small cup of cream should be added to the drink. With or without the cream the drink was really good.
Gong Cha 八宝仙草奶烧-005

Through the wonders of pointing I managed to order this refreshing drink although at that time I had no idea what I was drinking. Google translated this as “Cold jelly: a healthy low calorie cold day with fresh lemon juice with a jelly material good taste, satiety, but without the burden of the body.”

I made a good choice. It was citrusy and not too sweet.
Gong Cha 寒天愛玉

4 thoughts on “Gong Cha Taipei

  1. Chinese drink chrysanthemum tea for to help body cool down during hot weather.  Heard of places in Taipei have have dishes cooked with teas.  When I do ever go to Taiwan I would like to try Beggar Chicken must order ahead for them to prep it.  Smoke Tea Duck some places do it well with tea taste in duck.


  2. Interesting refreshments! Gong Cha is opening in Cebu real soon! At SM! :DBabe for Food – your BFF in Cebu dining! :)babeforfood.blogspot.com


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