Seafood Dinner at Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market

I have 3 cousins who live in Taipei and all are fluent in speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. How I envy them. For dinner we met with my cousin, Angie the oldest of 3 siblings. She took us to Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market for dinner.

This night market was different from Raohe St. night market since it’s under a roof and stalls were permanent. There were stores selling all kinds of stuff.
Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market-005

There were also lots of foot massage places along the whole strip. This one did brisk business.
Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market-006

This one looked really nice and classy but had only a few clients.
Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market-007

My parents went to this one the day before but they liked the one I brought them to better.
Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market-008

This is my cousin Angie and her adorable son Daniel who wasn’t in the mood that night.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-012

The restaurant Angie chose was called 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳. Sorry there’s no English name.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner

My dad selected the seafood and decided how it will be cooked.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-001

 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-002

Turtles anyone? My dad loves turtle stew and I’m glad he didn’t order any. I don’t eat turtle.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-003

 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-004

I wish he ordered lobster.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-006

I don’t know what kind of clam this was but it was huge! Jin said it’s geoduck. Thanks Jin!
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-007

Look at all the live and fresh seafood to choose from.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-010

 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-011

The dining area was right across the fish tanks and it was really barebones and filled with locals so it must be good.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-008

 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-009

Out of all the fresh seafood these are some of what my dad selected. These are some of the normal ones.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-014

Angie brought her friend who ate all the weird stuff my dad ordered. Poor Daniel probably had a premonition of the food my dad ordered thus the sad face.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-016

 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-015

My dad selected these drinks from the chiller behind us. The one on the left was unsweeted tea and the one on the right was a sweetened plum drink I think.
 福州海洋平價海鮮餐廳  seafood dinner-017

The steamed fish was really good and fresh.
steamed fish
steamed fish

This was for my mom who loves fresh bamboo shoots.
bamboo shoot
bamboo shoot

This was my third fried oyster dish in 2 days and I loved it. The one at Tamsui was still my favorite though.
fried oysters
fried oysters

clam soup
clam soup

The clams were so plump and meaty and the soup was so flavorful. I stopped eating after the soup.
clam soup-001

Normally my dad does a good job of ordering food like the meal we had in Tamsui but that night he decided to be adventurous and order food even my mom was shocked to see.

Sure Chinese people liked to eat kidney but what are those oval objects that had veins?
kidney & testicles
kidney and testicles

Yikes! They’re testicles!!! From what animal? I don’t know. What’s your guess? They seem to small to belong to a cow right? Angie’s friend happily ate these.
kidney & testicles-001

I was told this was tripe. It looked scary and unappetizing to me. I’m used to white tripe that’s swimming in tomato sauce.

This dish looked normal so I tried a piece. It was hard and stringy and I didn’t like it.

It turned out to be some kind of snail. I eat escargot and ‘kuhol’ but these weren’t as good or appetizing.

On the other table they had the same snails which were cooked simply with open flame in the middle.

I would have probably enjoyed our meal if my dad ordered more familiar seafood like shrimp, crab or lobster instead of testicles, tripe and snails. Well it was an experience I’m not going to forget soon.

Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market

9 thoughts on “Seafood Dinner at Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market

  1. Wow your dad had a Andrew  Zimmern eating adventure with you and family.  Not sure of some food you showed.  Poor kid don’t blame him not happy not much for him to eat.  Guess dad forgot of him there.I almost went to Snake restaurant but change mind for seafood instead. People eat snakes during winter season to keep warm any way. 




  3. Leslie! The giant clam is geoduck. It’s sarap eaten raw and thinly sliced, or blanched in hotpot. Sweet and crunchy. Favorite ko yan 🙂  


  4. Leslie, testicle eaten in states as mountian oysters is very popular in many places.  Texture is almost like oysters.  Maybe next time your dad should try some deep fried as fried oyster to see it not bad too.  Texas is the place where it serve a lot like rattle snake also popular


  5. those testicles are from ducks or chicken…i tasted some of it and its not bad,taiwanese people said its good for the health :).i like most of their food.


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