Dinner at Macau Restaurant

fried pigeon HK$35
Here’s another restaurant to add to your list of “cheap eats” in Hong Kong. Although they also have expensive items in their menu you can get a really good meal for not too much money.

I’ve eaten in Macau Restaurant once several years ago but I wasn’t impressed despite the long lines that always form outside this popular eatery in Tsim Sha Tsui. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing so I figured it was time to give this place another chance.

When we went there for dinner there wasn’t any line to get a table and I was nervous for a second. Did the food quality decline? Isn’t it popular anymore?
Macau Restaurant

I wonder if their Portugese egg tarts are any good?
Macau Restaurant-001

Macau Restaurant-002

We ordered one pigeon which was pretty reasonable for HK$35. It was small but quite tender and juicy. I loved it with lots of fresh lemon.
fried pigeon HK$35
fried pigeon HK$35

This next dish was more Chinese than Portugese and it was my favorite dish that night. Pieces of garoupa belly and head were fried and stewed together with dried bean curd sheet and lots of garlic giving this dish amazing flavor. The bean curd sheet was soft and absorbed all the flavor of the sauce.
sizzling garoupa belly & head, dried bean curd skin in pot HK$98
sizzling garoupa belly & head, dried bean curd skin in pot HK$98

Look at all the good stuff in the bottom of the clay pot.
sizzling garoupa belly & head, dried bean curd skin in pot HK$98-001

Even though the sardines were big and looked like “galunggong” the meat was really fine and it was delicious simply baked with garlic on top.
Portugese roasted sardines HK$62
Portugese roasted sardines HK$62

For a change we ordered string beans instead of the usual leafy veggie. I liked how crisp the string beans were. I loved the spicy ground pork even more. If only I ate rice this would have been a great topping for it.
fried string beans with spicy minced pork HK$52
fried string beans with spicy minced pork HK$52

We were very pleased with all the dishes we ordered. They also had more exotic and expensive items in the menu like abalonecrab and sea whelk.
Macau Restaurant-003

Macau Restaurant’s menu

Macau Restaurant
25 Lock Road Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
telephone: (852) 2366-8148

4 thoughts on “Dinner at Macau Restaurant

  1. Love this place. We always order the curry beef, pigeon and sardines. Oh! Love those egg tarts too. I always bring my lock & lock for those egg tarts. Yum!


  2. This is one of the restaurants in HK that we eat at east once every trip. We’ve brought a lot of people to try it here and all of them have fallen in love with the place.We also order the baked Portuguese rice.


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