Restaurante Tai Lei Loi Kei at The Venetian Macao

When I did research on places to eat in Macao the pork chop bun of Tai Lei Loi Kei kept coming up. Even though I’m not a fan of this unique pairing I decided to give it a try when I saw their outlet in the food court of The Venetian Hotel where I wasContinue reading “Restaurante Tai Lei Loi Kei at The Venetian Macao”

Dinner at Macau Restaurant

Here’s another restaurant to add to your list of “cheap eats” in Hong Kong. Although they also have expensive items in their menu you can get a really good meal for not too much money. I’ve eaten in Macau Restaurant once several years ago but I wasn’t impressed despite the long lines that always formContinue reading “Dinner at Macau Restaurant”