Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies

Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies-001
You know how much I love cookies and how happy I am to receive any kind of cookies. My friend sent me their newest variety from their Chips Delight line of cookies.

She must have read my inner most thoughts when they made this triple chocolate overload cookies!
Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies

I’ve always been a fan of Chips Delight cookies since they only use good quality imported chocolate and I really feel the taste is better to the imported brand, Chips Ahoy.
Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies-002

Take a fudgy chocolate cookie and dip the bottom in melted chocolate and drizzle more chocolate on top. That’s what these cookies are. The texture of the cookie is more cakey than chewy because of all the chocolate coating. I like my cookies chewy but these still brought much joy to my inner chocolate monster.
Chips Delight Triple Overload Chocolate Cookies-003

They have many varieties of cookies but my favorite is still there regular chocolate chip cookies pictured on the left.
Chips Delight Cookies

Chips Delight Cookies-001

Chips Delight Cookies-002

I like to buy the mini chocolate chip cookies in a zip top bag which I open, close, open, close and finally just leave open until I finish the whole pack of mini cookies. They also have small packs perfect for the kids’ baon.
Chips Delight Cookies-003

I swear their Smileys cream sandwich cookies taste just like Oreo’s at a fraction of the price.
Smileys cookies

For a more indulgent cookie try them dipped in chocolate too. All these cookies are available in the supermarkets in Manila.
Smileys cookies-001

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