My Cousin’s New Book – The Greatest King

It’s hard to believe but I have a super duper talented cousin, Jerry, who used to be an animator for Disney. Now he wrote a children’s book!! Please support him by downloading the book. It’s free for the next 3 days.

It’s a Kindle book. If you have an Apple device you can download the Kindle app for free and download this book.

Here’s Jerry’s letter:

To family and super friends,

My revised book project is finally online. As part of my promotion, I am offering my book, The Greatest King, downloadable for free for 3 days. As you download it and enjoy it, please leave a review or like it. This will improve the book standing as it goes on paid status.

And of course, do not hesitate to share it to the world, since this publication is available worldwide.

It is a Christian-based children’s book for children ages 4-8. It teaches the value of humility and an introduction to Jesus Christ in time for the Christmas season.

This is just first of the many series that my co-author and I will be publishing.

Here’s the link.

As always, thank you very much.

Jerry Ching

Good luck to us;)

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