mu noodle bar

Mu Noodle Bar- 3 cup chicken P220
I’m so happy to discover another YUMMY restaurant in my neighborhood of San Juan. I just love these small restaurants popping up in the area.

Mu means mother and their food tastes just like mom’s cooking only better. Mu Noodle Bar is located along Wilson St. just after you cross P. Guevarra from Greenhills. It’s right next to Share Tea.
Mu Noodle Bar

I liked the clean and modern interiors. I went there in the afternoon to take out food.
Mu Noodle Bar-001

Mu Noodle Bar-002

Mu Noodle Bar menu
Mu Noodle Bar menu

Even though I ordered the food for take-out the waiter was nice enough to plate all the dishes so I can take pictures before packing it all up again.

My favorite among all the good dishes I ordered was the red lamb curry. The lamb wasn’t that tender but it wasn’t tough either. I loved the mild curry with coconut sauce so much that I just had to eat brown rice with it. I rationed this small order into 3 meals which I ate consecutively. First for dinner then for my packed lunch the next day and the last for dinner again the same night. That’s how much I loved it.
Mu Noodle Bar- red curry lamb P260
✔ ✔ ✔  red curry lamb P260

I admire the creativity of the chef! Hofan noodles cooked with squid ink and seafood. It wasn’t as tasty as my current favorite hofan with pumpkin sauce but it’s quite interesting and a must try.
Mu Noodle Bar- black hofan P180
✔ ✔  black hofan P180

Whenever I eat dim sum in Hong Kong I always order XO radish cake since it’s one of my favorite dim sum dishes. I’m glad now I can have it in Manila anytime I want. It’s a simple but very flavorful dish, pan fried cubes of radish cake sautéed with spicy XO sauce.
Mu Noodle Bar- XO radish cake P180
✔ ✔  XO radish cake P180

Their version of 3 cup chicken is really one of the best I’ve eaten. I’ve tried making 3 cup chicken once before and it turned out oily and salty. Their chicken didn’t have any sauce but it tasted like all the chicken had absorbed all the flavor without the grease. It’s best eaten right away to enjoy the crunchy veggies.
Mu Noodle Bar- 3 cup chicken P220
✔ ✔ ✔  3 cup chicken P220

Just take a look at all the soft roasted garlic in an order of 3 cup chicken. I ate some garlic with the chicken and it was mellow and delicious.
Mu Noodle Bar-005

I’ve also tried their oyster cake at a different time and it’s good too. It’s the only oyster cake topped with lots of melted cheese. I would have never thought that Chinese style oyster cake would go well with cheese but it does.

I can’t wait to go back and try more of their other dishes. I highly recommend this restaurant!!!
Mu Noodle Bar-009

✖ skip it
✔ not bad
✔ ✔ do try
✔ ✔ ✔ MUST order

mu noodle bar
197 Wilson St., San Juan, Philippines
telephone: 451-2681
cellphone: 0917-807-4057/02

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