Famous Belgian Waffles

Famous Belgian Waffles
I haven’t been to SM Megamall Building A in quite a while. I went there to buy a gift in Toy Kingdom. Imagine my surprise when Toy Kingdom disappeared from the ground floor. I was told they moved to the basement where the bowling lanes used to be. Whew!

After accomplishing my shopping in a very fast time with the help of so many staff I walked around the mall looking for some merienda I could buy for my staff. There were so many new stalls and restaurants from my last visit. A small sign at the entrance of the food court caught my eye and I looked for the Famous Belgian Waffles stall. I almost didn’t see it beside Hen Lin.
Famous Belgian Waffles

Their pricing is very affordable from P30-55 per waffle depending on the filling. The Malaysian coffee they sold was the instant sachet variety.
Famous Belgian Waffles-001
menu (click to enlarge)

They made the waffles upon order. I thought I had to wait long for a typical thick Belgian waffle. It was cooked quite fast since the waffle was very thin.
Famous Belgian Waffles-003

Famous Belgian Waffles-002
waffle fillings

I chose the cream cheese and peanut butter fillings. They spread the filling on one side and folded the waffle for easy eating.
Famous Belgian Waffles-004

These waffles tasted just like the waffles so popular in Hong Kong and Taipei.
Dundas St. - good eats- waffle
waffles from Dundas St. Hong Kong

We all simply loved the chewy, sweet waffle specially with the cream cheese filling. The salty creamy cheese was just perfect with the mildly sweetish waffle scented with vanilla custard powder which I suspect was the secret ingredient just like what they use in Hong Kong. The peanut butter was a good quality brand too so we liked it as well. I wish I bought four waffles instead of two since my staff felt it wasn’t enough. I will definitely go back to buy these super yummy waffles. I’ll try the chocolate peanut butter combination next.
Famous Belgian Waffles-005

Just look at how fast they are opening branches! (from their FB page)
Nov. 10 SM San Lazaro
Nov. 15 SM Sucat
Nov. 16 SM Manila
Nov. 16 SM Megamall
Nov. 25 SM Makati
Nov. 25 SM Sta. Mesa
Dec. 1 SM Mall of Asia
Dec. 1 SM Clark
Dec. 1 Festival Mall Alabang
Dec. 7 SM Calamba
Dec. 7 SM Baguio

New branch:
3rd floor Food Choices, Glorietta 4

Famous Belgian Waffles
Food Court of SM Megamall Building A

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