Lunch at King Chef Fine Dining Restaurant

King Chef's crab rice
My friend Tisay posted pictures of her meal at King Chef Seafood Restaurant in Lucky Chinatown mall on her Facebook page and raved about it. I was so curious that I went to their QC branch to try it out. Going to Banawe, Quezon City to eat is a rare thing for me. It just seems so far but on weekends it’s not that bad.

I chose to eat at their fine dining restaurant just to order the crab rice (pictured above) which was one of the dishes Tisay had.
King Chef fine dining restaurant

Across the street is the more casual and affordable King Chef Cantonese Soup Kitchen and Dimsum Kitchen.
King Chef fine dining restaurant-001

King Chef fine dining restaurant-002

My dining mates were my three young cousins who love to eat and travel as much as I do. In fact Jay (on the left) has his own food blog too. I actually wanted to see their iPad mini which Jim (right) brought home from Singapore before I get my own that’s why I treated them for lunch. Silly excuse to eat and get together right?
King Chef fine dining restaurant-003

Jay ordered the drunken shrimp. The show was quite entertaining.
drunken shrimp P400

Check out the video I took on how they made the drunken shrimp.

It was really fresh and sweet from the Chinese wine which hasn’t fully evaporated from the heat.
drunken shrimp P400-001
drunken shrimp P400

I actually ordered this dish for the rice. The crab was just extra. I was disappointed with the too soft and mushy rice. I was expecting semi-glutinous rice with some bite. It looks better than it tasted.
crab rice P950
crab rice P950

The roast duck wasn’t bad at all but it was just a tad dry. I liked that there was little fat but then it’s probably the reason it was dry.  I couldn’t help compare it with my favorite roasted duck from Annapolis Seafood Restaurant (now called UNO Restaurant) which was moist and succulent.
1:2 roasted duck P950
roasted duck P950

My favorite was the crisp haricot vert with salty ground pork. Perfect combination!
French beans with minced pork P380
French beans with minced pork P380

The frogs’ legs had a nice flavor from the salt, pepper, garlic and chili. Too bad the oil used was a bit off.
salt & pepper frogs legs P330
salt & pepper frogs legs P330

The seafood hot pot was just ok nothing special.
superior seafood hot pot P400
superior seafood hot pot P400

The beauty about eating with 3 young men is no leftovers. Boy, these guys can eat!

I found the food just average. Not bad but I wouldn’t rave about it. Maybe the chef in Lucky Chinatown branch was better thus my friend’s delight.
King Chef fine dining restaurant-004

King Chef fine dining restaurant-005

King Chef’s fine dining menu

King Chef Fine Dining / King Chef Dimsum Kitchen
987-989 Banawe St, Quezon City
Call for table reservations:
telephone: 4104919 / 4136619 / 4414177 / 3527534 / 6977781

King Chef Seafood Restaurant
2F Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila City
telephone: 7208594 / 4665765

King Chef on Facebook

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