Lunch at Kitchen M Caffe

Boston lobster, shrimp roe dressing on brioche
I wanted a change from dim sum and Chinese food so I went to Kitchen M Caffe at K11 mall for a very American meal of lobster bisque and sandwich.

Kitchen M Caffe

Kitchen M Caffe-001

Kitchen M Caffe-002

Kitchen M Caffe-004

They had several breakfast and lunch sets promotions but I just wanted lobster.
Kitchen M Caffe-005

Kitchen M Caffe-006

The coffee shop had a lot of gourmet items from France and Italy for sale.
Kitchen M Caffe-007

Duck rillettes are awesome on good warm baguette.
Larnaudie duck rilletes
Larnaudie duck rilletes

Larnaudie price list Hong Kong
Larnaudie price list

Italy Inaudi truffles
Inaudi truffles

Italy Inaudi truffle Hong Kong price list
Inaudi truffle price list (click to enlarge)

I want!!!
Larnaudie bloc de foie gras
Larnaudie bloc de foie gras

Larnaudie white fig confit, onion confit
Larnaudie white fig confit, onion confit


This is the only place I saw British brand Prestat chocolates. I bought the diamond jubilee bar made with 70% dark chocolate with raspberries. It was delicious!
Prestat chocolates HK$35
Prestat chocolates HK$35

I wonder if these are any good? I want to try a bag of Moak coffee.
Moak coffee
Moak coffee

Moak Coffee Hong Kong price list
Moak Coffee price list (click to enlarge)

Butter cookies and palmiers seem to be the current rage in Hong Kong. Suddenly many, many brands have sprouted around the city.
Roll cookies HK
Roll cookies

I hardly ever see lobster sandwich in Asia. Whenever I go to the US I always indulge in a lobster roll which I love.
Kitchen M Caffe-003

They gave in to my request to change the potato wedges to a side salad.
Kitchen M Caffe's lobster set
Kitchen M Caffe’s lobster set HK$168

The lobster bisque was heavenly. Not too thick but creamy and rich in flavor. It even had chunks of lobster in the soup. A couple of twists of freshly ground black pepper and it was perfect.
Boston lobster bisque
Boston lobster bisque

The lobster sandwich did not disappoint. Generous large chunks of fresh and succulent lobster meat barely dressed with mayonnaise and sprinkled with shrimp roe. I found two thick slices of brioche too much so I just ate my lobster with one slice. If I ate both slices of bread it would have drowned out the delicate flavors of the lobster.
Boston lobster, shrimp roe dressing on brioche
Boston lobster, shrimp roe dressing on brioche

The coffee was surprisingly strong and delicious. It was sooooo much better than the weak brew that Agnes b cafe next door served.
Kitchen M Caffe's coffee

Kitchen M Caffe menu
Kitchen M Caffe menu (click to enlarge)

Kitchen M Caffe menu-001

Kitchen M Caffe menu-002

Kitchen M Caffe is a nice place to have a light meal of sandwiches and salad. Good coffee is a plus. I have my eye on the smoked salmon, egg salad on rye sandwich on my next visit.

Kitchen M Caffe
Shop G36, K11 MiXTRA, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
telephone: +852 2736 1832

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