Yamato Bakery Cafe

Yamato Bakery Cafe-007
Right next to Mitsuyado Sei-Men is a bread lovers haven called Yamato Bakery Cafe owned by the same group. I noticed diners waiting for a table at Mitsuyado were there shopping for bread. That’s a great way to pass time.

Yamato Bakery Cafe

This bakery has it’s roots from Japan unlike Bread Talk which came from Singapore. Both sell similar style bread.
Yamato Bakery Cafe-001

After my very filling and satisfying tsukemen lunch at Mitsuyado I went next door to take some pictures. I was too full to contemplate buying anything but the owner Mr. Hubert Young (pictured below) insisted I try some bread and he chose it personally.
Yamato Bakery Cafe-002

They start baking at 5:00 am and continue the whole day ensuring fresh bread and pastries.
Yamato Bakery Cafe-003

I would never have selected fried doughnuts but Mr. Young told me it was different from the American doughnut. He was right. It was denser and chewy. I suspect some mochiko (sweet rice flour) was used.
Yamato Bakery Cafe- cinnamon twist doughnut P25
cinnamon twist doughnut P25

Yamato Bakery Cafe-005
pineapple danish & twin ball (custard cream inside)

Yamato Bakery Cafe-006
chocolate croissant, ann pan

This bread topped generously with bonito flakes looked really interesting.
Yamato Bakery Cafe-008
Yamato Bakery Cafe-009
burger roll

choco croissant & apple pie P50 each
choco croissant & apple pie P50 each

This bread had some mild Japanese chocolate in the dough. Not enough for my taste though.
Yamato Bakery Cafe-011
chocolate wassant P108

Yamato Bakery Cafe-012

Yamato Bakery Cafe-013

Yamato Bakery Cafe-014

choux cream P40
choux cream P40

choco choux cream P50
choco choux cream P50

Japanese cheese cake P310
Japanese cheese cake P310

I got to try this fresh milk made by a Japanese couple in Bulacan. It has no preservatives and is not heated to a high temperature that’s why it has a short shelf life and has to be consumed immediately. It was really sweet.
Yamato Bakery Cafe-018

These are the goodies Mr. Young so kindly gave me. I’m no expert on croissants because I hardly ever buy them. I love croissants but I feel too guilty eating them. These croissants were incredibly light and flaky. To me they are among the best I’ve tried in Manila.
Yamato Bakery Cafe-019
banana fiesta, croissants, apple pie

Yamato Bakery Cafe-020
ham & egg, ann doughnut, cinnamon twist doughnut

Since I was still quite full from lunch I had a buffet of bread for my dinner. It was dinner and dessert all in one. I started with the savory croissants, ham & egg and had the doughnut stuffed with red bean paste and apple pie for dessert. Everything was excellent but my favorites were the ann doughnut and the apple pie.

The apple pie had maybe a third of an apple inside with puff pastry wrapped around it. The natural sweetness and crunch of the apple was a joy to eat. The buttery puff pastry was just enough to hold the apple together. At P50 it was a steal. I can have apple pie for one anytime I want.
Yamato Bakery Cafe-021

Yamato Bakery Cafe-022

Yamato Bakery Cafe
22 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel Air, Makati City, Philippines.
7:00 am to 9:00 pm daily
telephone: +632 823-0960

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