Lunch with Jin Loves to Eat at Madame Sixty Ate

pancakes, honeycomb, coffee cream, butterscotch sauce HK$120
Last December Jin and I were in Hong Kong at the same time. We arrived on the same day and left on the same flight. Our first dinner was at my choice, Ginza Bairin. Our second get together was at a restaurant she has been wanting to try, Madame Sixty Ate.

With the help of Google Maps I easily found the place. I just took the MTR to Wanchai and went out through exit A3 and less than 5 minutes of walking I found Ship St. and J Senses Building.
Madame Sixty Ate-002

Madame Sixty Ate-005

Madame Sixty Ate-006

I really love the homey and relaxed interiors. It’s the kind of place I want to go to for breakfast on a Sunday morning and leisurely drink coffee and read the newspapers.
Madame Sixty Ate-007

Madame Sixty Ate-008

Madame Sixty Ate-009

Madame Sixty Ate-010

Madame Sixty Ate-011

Madame Sixty Ate-012

Madame Sixty Ate-013

The bread took a while to arrive but it was well worth it. Warm and comforting specially with their delicious butter. I could have easily eaten Jin’s share too. I’m sure she was eyeing mine.
homemade bread and butter

I was expecting a pot pie with crust on top instead got a deconstructed pie. Beef short ribs braised in Guinness beer was served with manchego pastry on the side. Our first comment was, “It’s not enough!” Overall it was just ok. The beef was tender enough but I had to add a little salt for the flavors to come out.
beef & Guiness pie HK$185
beef & Guinness pie HK$185

Jin chose the lamb ragout with hand cut pasta. I liked it much better.
lamb bolognaise HK$180
bolognaise for Sal HK$180

Since Jin and I didn’t find anything enticing from the dessert menu we chose the pancakes from the brunch menu. Smart huh? That’s what you get when two food bloggers with voracious appetites eat together.
pancakes, honeycomb, coffee cream, butterscotch sauce HK$120-001
pancakes, honeycomb, coffee cream, butterscotch sauce HK$120

We both enjoyed the super thick pancakes much more than our entrees. The pancakes were soft yet a bit dense and a little salty which was just perfect when drenched with the coffee cream and butterscotch sauce. I would definitely go back just for this pancake!!!!
pancakes, honeycomb, coffee cream, butterscotch sauce HK$120-002

They gave us each a chocolate ice cream lollipop for being such good diners and cleaning our plates.
chocolate ice cream lollipop HK$25
chocolate ice cream lollipop HK$25

chocolate ice cream lollipop HK$25-001

I suspect that I will enjoy their brunch and afternoon tea much more. I shall return for that.
Madame Sixty Ate-016

jin loves to eat & shoot first eat later

Madame Sixty Ate menu
lunch, dessert, weekend brunch, tea for two, coffee/tea/cocktails
tasting menu, dinner,  page 2, cheese & dessert

Madame Sixty Ate
Shop 8, 1st Floor – The Podium, J Senses, 60 Johnston Rd, Entry on Ship Street, Hong Kong
telephone:+852 2527 2558

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