Melbourne: Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee-014
When I found out I was going to Melbourne I was so excited because of the vibrant coffee scene in Australia. They take their coffee seriously and I was ready to try as much as I can.

The first place I tried was Market Lane Coffee right across Queen Victoria Market.
Market Lane Coffee-001

Market Lane Coffee-002

I was amazed at how casual the set-up was. Notice the seating area behind the counter?
Market Lane Coffee-004

This guy made the pour over coffee in front of the counter where people were sitting at the benches. Anal details like freshly ground coffee and weighing both the ground coffee and perfectly heated water was just the way they do it in San Francisco.
Market Lane Coffee- pour over coffee
pour over coffee

I tried their almond croissant and found it lacking. The croissant wasn’t as flaky as I like it and the almond filling wasn’t very flavorful.
Market Lane Coffee- almond croissant
almond croissant

My first cup at Market Lane was the Cachoeira Da Grama pour over coffee. The coffee was certainly unique and very fragrant but I wanted something stronger.
Market Lane Coffee- pour over menu
pour over menu

They even tell you the blends that made up their espresso coffee.
Market Lane Coffee- espresso menu
espresso menu

Ordering coffee is Australia is a bit different and you need to know the terms to use.
Short Black – is basically an espresso with crema on top.
Long Black – the equivalent is an Americano. A shot of espresso topped up with hot water.
Flat White – it’s similar to a latte but has less milk and foam. This is unique to Australia and New Zealand.
Latte, Cappuccino (Cap), Machiatto are the same terms used everywhere else.
Market Lane Coffee- menu
price list

They also had coffee related merchandise and coffee beans for sale. I had my eye on the amber colored bottles for storing coffee beans but I was afraid it might break in my luggage.
Market Lane Coffee-010

Market Lane Coffee- dulce whole cane sugar
dulce whole cane sugar

Market Lane Coffee- Cascara tea
Cascara tea

Market Lane Coffee- coffee beans for sale
coffee beans (prices are for 250 grams) (click to enlarge)

Market Lane Coffee - dulce whole cane sugar

I never ever order latte or cappuccino because the milk always drowns out the taste of the coffee. In Melbourne I discovered the magic words strong flat white. When you order it strong the barista adds an extra shot of espresso for free! It seemed tailor made for me. Strong espresso mellowed a bit with some hot milk and foam. I loved it! It became my standard order while I was in Melbourne.
Market Lane Coffee-014
strong flat white A$4

Thank you Market Lane Coffee for making me coffee that I loved to drink.

Market Lane Coffee
109-111 Therry Street Melbourne 3000
other branches

Monday 7am – 2pm
Tuesday 7am – 3pm
Wednesday 7am – 2pm
Thursday 7am – 3pm
Friday 7am – 4pm
Saturday 7am – 4pm
Sunday 8am – 3.30pm


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