My Fourth Time at C2 Classic Cuisine

My HS classmate Mercy came home to Manila for a quick visit and we had a get together for lunch. I suggested C2 Classic Cusine since it’s one of my go to places to bring balikbayans to.

I wasn’t even planning to blog about this lunch since I’ve written about this restaurant three times already. I didn’t bring my camera but took pictures using my iPhone just to post on Instagram. But I wanted to share our experience and hopefully the owners/managers of C2 will see this post and improve their food. The most important aspect of a restaurant is consistency. It’s what brings back customers over and over again.

I basically ordered the dishes I enjoyed before and some new ones. 

C2 Classic Cuisine - Rellenong Bangus P355
Rellenong Bangus P355


Their version of rellenong bangus (milkfish) was as usual a crowd pleaser. Individual balls made with flaked bangus, peas and raisins were formed, coated with panko and deep fried. It’s one of my favorite dishes in C2. 

C2 Classic Cuisine - Rellenong Bangus P355-001

My all-time favorite dish is C2 is their Crispy Kare Kare. 

C2 Classic Cuisine - Crispy Kare-Kare P695
Crispy Kare-Kare P695


Pork hocks deep fried to a crisp served with vegetables (under the pork) and peanut sauce on the side. Thankfully they can do this dish in their sleep and not mess it up.

C2 Classic Cuisine - Crispy Kare-Kare P695-001

The waiter suggested the soup made of salmon head cooked with miso and tamarind for a slightly sour soup. Some of my friends loved it and found the sourness just right while some found it lacking. Overall the soup was one of the dishes that passed muster. 

C2 Classic Cuisine - Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso P445
Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso P445


The pinakbet topped with fried pork was also well made.

C2 Classic Cuisine -Pinakbet at Bagnet P315
Pinakbet at Bagnet P315


The last time I ate at C2 the laing made with spinach leaves was one of my favorites. This time it was still good but too salty. I asked the waiter if they can add some sauce or do something to make it less salty. They tried but it came back just as salty. 

C2 Classic Cuisine - Laing P225
Laing P225


Walastik was their take on bistek tagalog. Beef, pork and liver in a soy and kalamansi based sauce. It would have been good if it were not too salty. It was even saltier than the laing. I guess their new cook has a heavy hand with salt.

C2 Classic Cuisine - Walastik P395
Walastik P395


Suman (glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk) topped with creamy panna cotta sounds like a wonderful combination right? Too bad this dessert lacked oomph. It wasn’t bad but just boring. There wasn’t any flavor that stood out.

C2 Classic Cuisine - Suman Panna Cotta P175
Suman Panna Cotta P175


Banana and ube fried rolls were fun to eat.

C2 Classic Cuisine - Turon a la Mode P175
Turon a la Mode P175


First take a look at the bibingka soufflé here then take a look at the picture below. Doesn’t it look like a hamburger bun? I had to poke the top three times to penetrate the hard bread like surface just to pour in the sauce. The cook was probably playing Candy Crush or something and left the soufflé in the oven for too long. Major fail!!! I had it returned and even the waiter was shocked at how hard the soufflé was. 

C2 Classic Cuisine - Bibingka Soufflé P175
Bibingka Soufflé P175


The nice waiter replace the soufflé with these two cakes which thankfully were quite delicious.

C2 Classic Cuisine - chocolate cake
chocolate cake
C2 Classic Cuisine - chocolate caramel cake
chocolate caramel cake
C2 Classic Cuisine - Kapeng Barako P85
Kapeng Barako P85


My friends look happy despite the hit or miss lunch. I hope they don’t blame me for the not so memorable meal. Would I go back to C2 after this meal? Maybe. I still love their Crispy Kare Kare so I may give them another chance.

C2 Classic Cuisine -008

C2 Classic Cuisine
18 Missouri St., Northeast Greenhills, San Juan
telephone: 726.2712

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