Home Baked Goodies

A couple of weeks ago my diet was temporary put on hold when these tempting sweets were sent to me from some of Manila’s talented home bakers. I love any form of dessert and I want to help out these hard working bakers by sharing them on this blog. 

You know how much I love apple pie right? This time Aileen of Pies Inc. by Aileen wanted me to try her Peach-Mango Cream Pie which is her bestseller and rightly so. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how pretty the pie was. The topping of peach and mango slices were layered to resemble a flower. The pie had a light and creamy custard filling that had the perfect level of sweetness. My favorite part about the pie was the incredibly crisp crust which I’ve been looking for in apple pies. 

This pie is perfect to bring to potlucks or as a gift to birthday celebrants or just order it because you love dessert like I do.  This pie is a definite crowd pleaser. 

Pies Inc. by Aileen - Peach Mango Cream Pie-001
Peach-Mango Cream Pie P450


I’m ordering her chicken pot pie which my family loves.  

Pies Inc. by Aileen Menu
Pies Inc. by Aileen Menu (click to enlarge)


Bianca of Sweet Bite by Bianca makes cupcakes, bars and cookies but its her brownie stuffed with Oreo and peanut butter cup that I wanted to try. I don’t know who invented brookies (brownie stuffed cookies) but Bianca took it a step further my adding a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

The brownie was chewy and fudgy the way I like it. The Oreo cookie wasn’t crisp anymore but who cares right? As you can guess my favorite was the peanut butter component which was just perfect with the brownie. I shared this with my co-workers and they all wanted more!!!

If you like brownies then you must try this. I would order this without the Oreo and double the PB cup. 

Sweet Bites by Bianca - Brownies Stuffed with Oreos and PB cups
Brownies Stuffed with Oreos and PB cups  – P360 for 6 pcs


I’ve featured GourmetFinds several times before since I love her kouign amann, French cheese puffs and the biggest, baddest choco chip walnut cookies made with Valrhona chocolate.  She created a new cookie one that had me falling off the chair.

Her newest product is the equally ginormous Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chip Cookie which like its blonde sibling weighs 170 grams. That’s probably equivalent to 3 normal sized cookies. I love Levain’s (New York) Choco Chip PB cookie and let me tell you these are the closest thing you will get in Manila. While Levain’s version has all peanut butter chips GF’s version has a mix of dark chocolate chips and peanut butter chips which makes it fudgier and deadlier.  

These are my favorite cookies in Manila hands down. Don’t get me wrong I love several cookies but these belong in a special place in my heart and tummy. These cookies I don’t share with anyone. Four cookies cost P760. You can order it as a combination or all the same kind. 

GourmetFinds - Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies, Choc Chip Walnut Cookies
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies, Choc Chip Walnut Cookies – P760 for 4 pcs.


GourmetFinds menu
GourmetFinds menu (click to enlarge)


Whichever home baked goody catches your fancy I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. These bakers know their stuff! 

Pies Inc. by Aileen
telephone: 0917-5258521 or 0922-8258521
Instagram: @piesincbyaileen

Sweet Bite by Bianca
telephone: 0917-8292833
Instagram: @sweetbitebybianca

telephone: 0921-7622240

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