Lunch at Keeree Tara Restaurant

We asked our driver, Cha, if he could recommend a place to eat before we go to our second destination. He brought us to the historic River Kwai bridge. We looked at the restaurant right next to the bridge called The Floating Restaurant. The restaurant had a great view of the bridge. They had aContinue reading “Lunch at Keeree Tara Restaurant”

FoodLoft @ Central Chidlom

After checking in our hotel we didn’t bother to unpack. We immediately went to the nearest mall to do some window shopping. We walked to nearby Central Chidlom department store. We weren’t successful with the shopping so we decided to eat instead. It was at least 6 hours since our last meal on the plane.Continue reading “FoodLoft @ Central Chidlom”

Christmas Party catered by Chef Tum

It’s only fitting that my last post for the year 2010 be about good food, fabulous friends and a happy, happy night. A couple of weeks into December we decided to have an early Christmas party among friends and celebrate Pat’s birthday at the same time. It turned out great because Pat paid for dinnerContinue reading “Christmas Party catered by Chef Tum”

Dinner at ThaiDara

Rochelle brought me to ThaiDara for some cheap and good Thai food. I’ve pass by the restaurant but I’ve never noticed the sign before. It’s Rochelle and Warren’s favorite after yoga restaurant. The place was small and sparsely decorated. Their kitchen was located on the second floor. This was Rochelle’s favorite soup. She was ableContinue reading “Dinner at ThaiDara”

Lunch at People’s Palace

We had an impromptu lunch at People’s Palace today. Thanks to Pat’s carpenter who didn’t arrive thus starting a chain reaction that led to our having lunch for no reason at all. With only an hour’s notice and several text messages these are the classmates who made it to lunch. Some are supposed to beContinue reading “Lunch at People’s Palace”

Dusit part 2 – Benjarong & Tosca

Dusit part 1 Between holding my plate, glass of raspberry bellini (from Tosca), camera and seeing all the food choices on the 2nd floor I was lucky to get these shots at all. There’s so much food that I wasn’t able to take pictures of. You have to be there to experience this food extravaganza.Continue reading “Dusit part 2 – Benjarong & Tosca”