My Birthday Lunch

My birthday was last September but the celebration lasts for months since I have to treat different groups of friends and co-workers. That’s how it is in the Philippines. The celebrant does all the treating. But on the day of my actual birthday I was treated to a scrumptious lunch at a very good familyContinue reading “My Birthday Lunch”

Sencha Tea from Chatime

The first time I tried Chatime was when they opened their first branch at Pioneer Center where I usually do my groceries. I ordered the Chatime Roasted milk tea since it was the first item on their menu and their bestseller.You may have read my entry for my favorite milk tea¬†and know that I likeContinue reading “Sencha Tea from Chatime”

Dessert & Fruits at Central World Mall

We deserved good dessert after our disappointing lunch at Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cuisine. We walked to the other side of the mall and saw several restaurants we could have eaten at instead. There were even several eat-all-you-can restaurants that offered international food or steaks or Japanese food. All were priced quite reasonably too. There wereContinue reading “Dessert & Fruits at Central World Mall”