Sencha Tea from Chatime

Chatime Sencha tea-3
The first time I tried Chatime was when they opened their first branch at Pioneer Center where I usually do my groceries. I ordered the Chatime Roasted milk tea since it was the first item on their menu and their bestseller.

You may have read my entry for my favorite milk tea and know that I like my tea (and coffee) to be strong and the taste of the tea should not be overwhelmed by the milk. Well I was quite disappointed with the roasted milk tea even when I had the cream powder reduced by half there was barely any tea taste.

So it was a long time before I gave Chatime another chance. This time I wanted to try a cold tea without any milk. I ordered the Sencha tea which is green tea.
Chatime Sencha tea-1

At first I was disappointed to see the guy tear open a paper pouch to make my drink. I thought it was just instant powder until he poured it into this contraption and proceeded to make the drink with a huge espresso machine for tea. This was the first time I’ve seen such a machine just for tea. At first I thought there was too much ice and he even added more ice after the drink was made.
Chatime Sencha tea-2

Wow oh wow!! The sencha tea was really, really, really strong and I loved it!!! Of course I added 2 sachets of Halo sweetener to it. Now I know why they added so much ice. It was really yummy and so refreshing. If you want a no calorie drink with a big dose of caffeine then this is the drink for you. I now have a favorite drink at Chatime.
Chatime Sencha tea

ps. I used my iPhone 4s for all the pictures.

8006 Pioneer street corner United street, Pasig City

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3 thoughts on “Sencha Tea from Chatime

  1. Wow! iphone 4s’ camera is sooo good pala! 🙂 Anyway, I don’t like Chatime’s milk teas too. The tea taste is so subtle, and the whole drink is not as sweet too. But I think i’ll try to order their Sencha tea next time. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


  2. The Oriental Pop Tea section of Chatime is for tea purists. They brew tea per shot/per order. If you like it strong without milk try the Anxi Tie Guanyin. But basically I like any of the teas in that part of the menu. 


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