Chinese New Year 2013

Deli de San Honore - pomelo salad
新年快樂 Xin Nian Kuai Le,  Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!! Welcome to the Year of the Snake. How did you celebrate the New Year?

For the longest time our family eats in a Chinese restaurant suffering through slow service, large crowds and noisy ambiance. In recent years we started having dinner in our house where we can relax and actually hear each other.

This year I decided to have our dinner catered by Deli de San Honore after trying several of their dishes in other parties. This is Chef Jeremy the one who cooked all the wonderful food I ordered. He and my friend Debbie delivered the food personally. Their food was transported in this huge insulated cabinet and arrived piping hot. We just transferred the food to my chafing dishes.
Deli de San Honore's Chef Jeremy
Deli de San Honore’s Chef Jeremy

Although there were several Thai dishes including the pomelo salad pictured above there wasn’t a theme to our dinner. I just ordered dishes I liked and I knew my family would enjoy.

Jeremy’s Pad Thai is one of my favorites. It’s sweet and has lots of large prawns and fried tofu cubes.
Deli de San Honore - Pad Thai
Pad Thai

I love chicken pie and have been looking for a good one and this comes very close to my ideal pie. The crust is flaky and the filling creamy and good. I just wish there were a tad less potatoes.
Deli de San Honore - chicken pie
chicken pie

Deli de San Honore - fish in black bean garlic sauce
fish in black bean garlic sauce

As expected the biggest hit was the US Angus corned beef which I served with horseradish and mustard.
Deli de San Honore - fresh corned beef
boiled corned beef

One of my favorites is their chicken and pork satay. Even without any sauce the meat is really flavorful and tender. I forgot to take a picture of the satay sauce and it’s the best! Just the sauce and rice you would be happy already. It’s not spicy and has a rich coconut and lemongrass flavor. It also has ground peanuts which you can taste.
Deli de San Honore - beef satay
pork satay

Some of my cousins like the chicken while others preferred the pork. Personally I like both!! I take the meat the stick and pile them on my plate and pour on the heavenly sauce.
Deli de San Honore - pork satay
chicken satay

The only thing I made was a small dish of macaroni & cheese with chorizo bits for the kids.
macaroni & cheese
macaroni & cheese

I had a hard time deciding what dessert to buy. I was choosing between coffee cheesecake or Garth Vader (post to follow) then I remembered the plaisir sucre I loved from Kitchen’s Best Home Patissserie. When I went to their store I was informed that I needed to order it a day before. I then bought the purple yam cake (ube sansrival) which I also enjoyed in their dessert buffet.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie - purple yam cake
Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie – purple yam cake

I kept the ube sansrival in the freezer from the time I brought it home until the time I sliced it. It was really hard to slice because it wasn’t crisp at all. When I took a bite I almost gagged with how sweet it was. I don’t know what happened to this cake. I bought their coffee toffee sans rival before and it was really crunchy. This soggy overly sweet purple yam cake was a major disappointment.
Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie - purple yam cake -001

Thank goodness my cousin Kevin brought 2 boxes of J.Co donuts which everyone enjoyed.
J.Co tiramisu & alcapone donuts
J.Co tiramisu & alcapone donuts

J.Co donuts

As usual I forgot to take pictures of people save for my youngest niece who just adored my doggie, Chino.
Bree & Chino
Bree & Chino


Deli de San Honore c/o Jeremy
telephone: 927-8649
cellphone no.: +63939-4710429

Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie
McKinley Park Residences

3rd Avenue and 31st Street
1201 Fort Bonifacio
telephone: 478-4870

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

J.CO SM Megamall
Ground floor, Megastrip B, SM Megamall
telephone: 385-3488

J.CO SM Mall of Asia
Ground floor, North Parking Bldg. (near Hypermarket)
telephone: 823-9627; 823-9252

J.CO Greenbelt 3
-Level 3, Greenbelt 3 (near cinemas)
telephone: 621-62-93/ 720-2641

J.CO TriNoma
Lobby Level, near North Carpark Entrance and mall entrance near North Ave.
corner Mindanao Ave.
telephone: 621-55-76/ 718-3461

J.CO SM Fairview
Upper Ground Floor, Main Building
telephone: 376-7056/ 376-7057

J.CO Alabang Town Center
Ground Floor, The Gardens (Expansion Wing)
telephone: 403-0049/ 511-0540

J.CO Eastwood
1800 bldg. Eastwood Avenue
telephone: 570-3612/ 570-3660

3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2013

  1. Having good food catered at home a great choice! Celebrating chinese new year doesn’t mean having to eat at the chinese restaurants where everyone will be! My friends and I were invited to have dinner at the Great Indian Kebab Factory at the Miramar Shopping Center at TST for Chinese New Year’s eve. It was the best indian vegetarian meal I’ve had.


  2. The Cultural Revolution, by depicting historical periods before 1949. My example is Mo Yan’s magisterial Red Sorghum, a novel made up of five overlapping novellas in which the narrator imagines his grandparents’ experiences during the Japanese invasion of their village.


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