Lunch at Capricciosa

Surprisingly everything we ordered was very good. I seldom say that about a restaurant specially an Italian restaurant. There’s usually something wrong – soggy pasta, sauce is runny or too sweet. Capricciosa got everything right.

Fried Calamari Salad

This is the best pasta I’ve eaten in a long, long time. You can taste the squid ink and other spices in every bite. There’s a very good ‘seafood’ taste to it and it’s not too salty or spicy. The restaurant provides a plastic bib with this dish. We ordered a small serving and it was generous enough for 5 of us to share. I wouldn’t recommend eating this on your own. It’s too much of a good thing.

Calamari & Onion in Squid Ink Sauce

Inky smile of shame

The pizza was ok but not great. It’s the only dish we didn’t finish.

Capricciosa Pizza

The lasagna was very rich and good but too pricey at P620.

Lasagna Capricciosa


Chocolate Gelato

Ground Level, Fox Square Bldg.,
53 Connecticut St.,
San Juan
telephone: 744-0689, 744-0490

3 thoughts on “Lunch at Capricciosa

  1. Squid ink pasta – yummy!s I’m sure you’ll get a lot of date propositions with your inky smile!…The calamari also looks like you get a yummy chunk of squid without the usual overbattering.


  2. Hmmmm trying to leave a comment for the third time.s Loved the blog today.s Capricciosa was an excellent lunch choice.s Loved the calamari and agree with La about the overbreading of most Calamari.s That reminds me that I will have to post my recipe on french fried mushrooms, its a lesson in simplicity!s Loved the Tiramisu and Lasagna but my favorite was the pic of the Inky Smile of Shame!s Great Humor!s Very bold and funny!s Will bet Bordain and Zimmern wouldn’t have the chutzpah to do this Emeril? Is think not! Les goes to great lengths and sacrifices to satisfy our gastronomique adventures! s Great fun!s Food is about celebrating, enjoying and sharing!s I love the approach!s Just the right amount of humor!s The smiles were great!s You do a great job Les!s Keep it up!s Thank you for making those ultimate taste treat sacrifices for our benefit!s I loved it!!!!s The pic was very cute!sBeau


  3. I love this Restaurant!!! The history of its conception is kind of amazing.  I live in NYC and i’m still looking for a better place  here to compare with Capricciosa.  I’m sure everything tasted great but next time you go DO NOT forget to try CALZONE (it’s a pizza that looks like a turtle), their oven baked chicken  (i think it was with basil and garlic).  I like to combine these with a simple  red sauced pasta.  I hope you try these guys.


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