Beijing Hand Pulled Noodle House

Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodle House is the newest restaurant along J. Abad Santos st. in San Juan. It’s right beside Tofu store where I buy the best taho.

It’s a small and simply decorated restaurant. I went there around 2 p.m. today that’s probably why the place was empty.

They have an open kitchen where you can watch them make the noodles. Too bad I wasn’t there at the right time.

There’s two huge stock pots containing the soup stock.

I took home an order of dry special beef noodle as recommended by the waiter. The noodles were a tad too soft for me but the taste wasn’t bad at all. It was mediocre at best. The beef was very tender though. The serving was very generous for the price of P105.

dry special beef noodle P105

They gave me some soup on the side. The beef soup was very flavorful and had a clean taste. It was devoid of fat and scum present in some clear soups.

soup on the side

These are lamb dumplings. I’ve never seen lamb dumplings in Manila. They’re pretty common in Beijing since they eat lots of lamb there. I didn’t like the dumplings because of the strong lamb taste. The dough was good and firm but there was too little filling inside. I felt like I was eating flour dumplings. I hope the pork dumplings taste better.

 P120 for 15 pieces

Their menu is very limited. I hope they offer more variety in the future. This restaurant isn’t going to garner rave reviews. But if you want a bowl of hot noodle soup that’s tasty and affordable then this restaurant is for you.

Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodle House (now closed)
Citiplace Bldg.
8001 Jose Abad Santos St.
Little Baguio, San Juan

7 thoughts on “Beijing Hand Pulled Noodle House

  1. I didnt like this place. I ordered the Special Beef Noodles and there isnt anything special about this at all. The noodles was indeed soggy and not uniformed in size, the beef was so tough and the broth was tasteless. Mey Lin’s hand puilled noodles is way better than this place.  


  2. Sure just add a link to the source pls. Can you also post a link here to where you used it? Tha ks


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